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Thinking Out Loud Be Aware ... Catherine Brown

Be aware of your surroundings - socially, economically, physically, mentally, and spiritually

- Be intentional in your transformation mindset and methodology

- Create solutions not problems

- Understand your spheres of influence; these are your greatest areas of authority and impact

- Be empathetic and fruitful in governance and act to bring about Godly change

- Be humble, you are not the only one God has called

- Extend grace to the lost and show mercy to the broken

- Remain immovable in faith and do exploits; you are blessed to be a blessing

- Be responsive, not reactive

- Take your responsibilities seriously and comprehend leadership is a gift

- Be decisive and avoid procrastination

- Shape culture through your position in Christ and by His word; as such you are a Kingdom builder

- Your joy is not determined by external factors but by internal motivation, discernment and the peace of Christ.

- Know your team, build together

- Know your disciples, invest wisely

- Know your allies, collaborate with shared Kingdom values

- Know your enemies, and pray for those who persecute you

- Know your fathers; love, learn and be accountable

- Know your mentors, remain teachable

- Know your God, Christ Jesus our Lord

- Be led by the Spirit of God, not the tabloids, popular culture, or the wisdom of this world.

Catherine Brown



If we are to be heirs to the eternal kingdom one must know that the role of king and priest is conjoined. IN societies where the role of the priesthood is defined as merely preaching the good news… we must yearn to captivate the kings role by discovering the partnership of the role-s.

The priest represents the anointed things and realms of the God head Spirit. The essence that makes eternity real.

While kingship is the execution of the Government of God.

As many would say there must be separation of church =Priest vs State The kings role = government.

Sadly the thought is one that separation is sure…

When in fact one without the other leads to moral decay, chaos, and identity confusion.

Therefore the purpose of being chosen to represent the Royal Priesthood is now going to be offered to the diligent and faithful. 

As The Christ prepares for his return Who will have excepted the divine right of kings?

In this season we will see a rebirth of structure that will make the people feel safe in the kingdom.


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