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Just some thoughts on the Kingdom...

One of the biggest wastes potential is the Christian who spends their whole life loving God and waiting on Him to move in their life, when His Kingdom is inside of them the whole time, never accessed, never understood and never released because they never understood the foundational concept of renewing their mind. 

For the Christian, actively renewing your mind according to the truth of the Kingdom living inside you is how real transformation takes place. 

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To be a Christian who’s trying to do life without actively renewing your mind to the new reality that’s come to live inside of you through the finished work of Jesus - The Kingdom - is a recipe for frustration, depression and religious performance.

Only those who choose to actively pursue aligning their heart and mind with the reality of God’s Kingdom - living and active now - will experience the abundant life Jesus promised.

Why? Because otherwise, you’re trying to get Spirit-led results in your life using the same thoughts and actions you’ve always used. It doesn’t work that way. 

When the Kingdom came, Jesus flipped all that on its head and everything including love, money, relationships, creativity, business, family now flows from the Kingdom living inside you. 

If you think the way you’ve always thought you’re gonna keep getting what you’ve always gotten, wondering where God is in the middle of it all. Change your thinking, change your life.

Matt Tommey

Contact: matttommey@gmail.com



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