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There Is a Great Vindication Arising in the Land!"Hank Kunneman

Vengeance, Vindication and Victory

Prophetic word of the Lord from Pastor Hank Kunneman, given on April 30, 2023 at Lord of Hosts Church: "Do you hear the sound," says the Living God, "of the Lion of Judah who walks among the earth at this time? And He is carrying within His bosom a fire, and with this fire, it shall manifest with His vengeance. For vengeance is Mine," sayeth the Lord God. "Therefore, this burns in the heart – the heart of the King of all kings and the Lord of all lords – as He is walking among the earth and bringing inspection to leaders, to governments, to nations, to the state of His Church, and even to those who say that they think that their agendas will prevail at this time. "Vengeance is the Lord's, therefore there shall come great vindication. You say, 'God, what do You speak of?' Listen now. As this vindication begins to unfold in the earth, it will be as it was in the days when Peter stood up on the day of Pentecost and he said, 'This is that which was spoken – watch,'" says the Living God, "'by the prophet, the prophet Joel' (see Acts 2:16). And this vindication that I speak of is coming to the mouthpieces that I have established in the earth at this time. For they have been thrown stones of accusations against them – My mouthpieces, My prophets. Yet they will be vindicated. And there is a generation – this is the hour, this is the day, that you'll say, 'Hey, that was spoken by the prophets.'

"This vindication shall begin to be manifest, as you will see it arise within this land. For there is nonsense of those who say, United are finished. Who told you?" says the living God. "Is this from My breath? Is this from My voice? Nay, nay, nay. It is the sound of those who want to steal, kill and destroy. But the vindication that I speak of shall arise, and it shall arise quickly as I will wipe out – I said wipe out – your media. I will wipe out the networks. I will wipe out curriculums that have been in the schools. I will wipe out those who want to define what I created in My image of male and female. I will wipe out and abolish what they said will arise again in the land concerning abortion. Nay," says the living God, "I will wipe out, and I will cause a sexual revolution in reverse of those who have said, 'We've had enough.' "Do you hear the sound of the Lion's roar of vengeance? Vindication is Mine," sayeth the Lord. "You will say that this is that which the prophets spoke. "And then another thing shall arise – victory. How will this manifest? It's what the prophets have spoken. Netanyahu arises, and yet not Netanyahu stretches forth his hands... And, Israel, you will be expanded for the sake of the state of Israel and the state of what I have given and what I have stood with you for. Therefore, the victory that shall come to you shall strike down weapons that will arise in the days that are ahead. And you will see the hand of God strike down that which comes by fire through the air, and that which they seek to do underground in you, Israel. I will strike it down. "But then what is this that they will say has happened in the earth? There shall be a great shaking that will be heard – listen to Me," says the Lord, "in your air. "'What is the sound in the air? What is the sound,' [you will say], 'in the earth? This sound is loud. This sound is boisterous. This sound – is it an explosion? Is it? What is this? What is this sound? We're afraid.'" God says, "I am shaking the heavens, and you will know it. And then, what is this that is happening in the sea, in the places of the deep state? Why is the sea rising at this time? Because I'm shaking it with My victory and My vengeance and My vindication. And the land – the land will be shaken and those that are upon it, for the Lion roars in this time, now, through a remnant that shall be My voice that will bring the reset and the reversal. "For men have said, 'You're in the days of Noah.'" God says, "Yes, but there is a difference. There was wickedness and evil that touched all men except Noah and those who were in the ark. And even in this day, there is a remnant that shall bring the shaking to reset the earth, as a Lion roars and absolutely silences the Bear, Russia, and silences and stuffs his fist into the fires of China, that they will be much distracted and shaken in this time in their own nation. (Photo via Wikimedia Commons) "And then I speak lastly to you, the land of the Eagle. The Lion comes to you and has ripped the feathers, and shall continue to rip the feathers from the Left-side wing and the Right-side wing. And there are a few in the middle that shall be ripped. Why would I do this? For this land shall arise now. And in the land of the Eagle, you will see new faces who will be graced with a sound in their mouths, and it will be a sound that will call this nation to a place of honor to the true God; and it will be a sound of honor that will bring a repentance, and will bring a deep cleansing that will change and shake and even remove certain structures that represented (so you thought) your history and your country. But it will change in the day that I speak, because it has been evil. Men have looked only at evil, and you have seen what evil looks like, and this is why I've delayed what you say would be My hand. Nay, it is not the delay of the Lord; it is the vengeance of God. "And I will, for a season in the earth, bring a reprieve, that you will breathe again – when evil shall not have such a voice, a manifestation and a hold upon a generation and the children thereof," says the living God. "I will show you what light looks like. I will show you what glory looks like. I will show you what holiness and righteousness and honor look like. I will show you! And the prophets have spoken it, and they will be vindicated, and you will say, 'This is that which was spoken by the prophets!'" The Goodness of God Is Resetting Your Day, Your Months, and Your Year! Intro: Read this powerful prophecy by Pastor Hank Kunneman, given on April 23, 2023, where the Spirit of God declared that we are entering into a season where He is bringing great peace over the nations of the earth through a divine reset, to bring things into alignment with what He has promised in this new era! Be encouraged as the living God is overturning and abolishing Hell's agenda so that it will be no more, and we will look back and say, "I remember the days!" Prophetic word of the Lord from Pastor Hank Kunneman, given on April 23, 2023 at 9:00 AM (Sunday Service at Lord of Hosts Church): I pray that the people – their eyes would be opened and their spirits would be stirred to know and understand that this is the time that we're in now, where Your goodness is passing by, Your goodness is passing before us. And what this means is there will be a "false flag" of things that will appear, and it'll appear as though it is going wrong, and that it's going towards the way of a war – without hope, without an answer – that will bring fear that'll grip the hearts of many. Yet, God, You say, "Nay, do not believe the things that they want you to believe through your spring and summer months, but know that the goodness of God is resetting not only your day, your months – this year; and there is that which will suddenly bust forth, and there will be that which you will say, 'Why didn't it bust forth?' "But it shall be the natural progression of how you come together in unity, to select and to choose, that I will place what I have called and what I have never changed my mind about – a deliverer that was raised up and is still raised up, and shall lead this nation into what I have declared, and it shall be greater. "And this shall spill out upon the nations of the earth, and a great restraint shall be upon kings and their nations. And for a season there shall be peace. For a season there shall be an end to certain wars, and for a season there will be such a reset that you will not even be able to call certain things by their names, because either their names will be removed because they will be removed, or the very things that they represented, that they stood for – even in your media – shall be no more or renamed. And it shall fall in your place of Hollywood, and it shall fall in the place even of entertainment. "I will bring about name changes. Why? Because I will change their identity of what they have stood for before. As I changed Saul to Paul and Abram to Abraham, I will do a change that will be so obvious that My goodness has passed that what you called something before will suddenly change to represent the new era that shall be given to you and to your children. And you will say from your mouths, 'I remember the days when...' and you will speak of when there were shootings at the level that they are now – that they are not in the days that shall be. You'll speak of a time when men were allowed in women's sports, and you'll say, 'I remember those days,' but it will not be your present days or the days of the future. You will say, 'I remember days when they would go into our bathrooms, and they were not of the sexes of that which they went into.'" God says, "There will come legislation that shall change it, restrict it and throw it out. "You'll say, 'I remember the days when they had a pill that would abort the child, and places that funded abortion.'" God says, "Listen to Me. You have seen what has been overturned, but I say the word that I have in My goodness, and it shall be over universities; it shall be over things that have manifested in the culture you call woke. It is an awakening, and my word that I will speak is 'abolish.' Watch how I abolish, where it will be no more. Then a generation will rise, and they will only say, 'I remember.' Why shall they say they remember? Because My hand overturned it, and I abolished it, where it shall not be anymore," says the living God. Israel – the Apple of God's Eye, Plus Great Shakings Across Nations Intro: Check out this strong prophetic word by Pastor Hank Kunneman, given on April 16, 2023, where it was declared by the Spirit of the Lord that God is showing Himself strong against the kings of the earth. Watch as the hand of the Lord brings a restraint against the agenda of Hell to protect and expand the borders of the apple of His eye, Israel. The Spirit of God is also moving in China, as what has been underground strengthens in power to weaken and distract the leadership in this nation. Be encouraged as the goodness of God passes over the United States and the prayers of His people are released upon the land to cause shakings and disruptions to what the enemy has desired to do. Do not be in fear as things begin to turn, because it is not chaos – it's a divine reset and reversal at the hand of God Almighty! Prophetic word of the Lord from Pastor Hank Kunneman, given on April 16, 2023 at 5:00 PM (Prophetic Conference Service at Evangel World Prayer Center, Louisville, KY): Israel, Israel, we stand over you, Israel. You are the apple of God's eye, Israel. "Many are they that rise up against you, Israel. Many are they who say of thee that you will be no more. Yet I laugh," says the Spirit of God. "Israel, you are the apple of My eyes," says the living God. "I shall rise up once again, and I will bring great fear to those who rise up against thee, O Israel. (Photo via Wikimedia Commons) "Netanyahu, you are filled with wisdom, and you have been touched by God; therefore, arise and prophesy to your people, and speak the words 'forever, Israel, you stand.'" I pray for the peace of Jerusalem, and I pray a wall of fire to encamp around you, Israel. "Netanyahu, you are a bulwark, for your fist shall strike. And some will say, 'Why have you done this?' And yet," God says, "it shall be the might of My hand to bring a restraint, but to bring fear upon those who seek to rise against you at this time. But this is the hour that I will show the earth not only My love, but My protection for you, Israel. For there was a place over the Jordan that was your inheritance. Listen, Netanyahu. And there is that which is over a Jordan Valley, and there is an expansion that they seek to stop and your enemies seek to strike. Yet," the Lord of hosts says, "trust not in the armory. I will break their bows, I will burn their weapons with fire, and I will expand you, Israel, for the state of Israel. "Now is not the time to bring the nations together to be the war that ends all things. But there shall be fires; there shall be strikes, but quickly I shall extinguish, by the power of My hand, to show the earth that I am the Lord God. I did it with Pharaoh and I shall do it with Syria, Iran, China, Iraq... I will do it with you, Russia. And there will come in you, the land of the Dragon, great, great fires to seek to weaken the nations, O nation of the Dragon, China. "But what is this that is rumbling?" says the Spirit of God. "It is that which has been underground. It is the very force, the very power, that restrains your weapons and will bring about a shaking that will arise to distract you, China – that you will have to shut your mouth, that you will not be able to do what you think you will do, because of internal matters of your own nation. There shall come uprisings, there shall come chaos in the streets, and there will be a great shaking of the very soil. "'What has happened? Why are these things collapsed?' you will say. I must, at this time, walk amongst the earth," says the Lord, "to restrain the enemy who is thirsting for blood. Yet I say nay. "I will cause My goodness to pass over this country, United States. I will bring a vindication as I have promised, and those who seek to indict shall be indicted themselves. And as quickly as things arise, they shall fall apart, for they will see it is like feathers that fall that have no weight, for I will blow upon it," says the living God. "And then if that is not enough, they will say, 'Now we will look to frame and to say you have interfered in the election.'" God says, "Go ahead and frame; frame your accusation, your indictment, but you have left Me out of the picture. But it shall be you who seek to do this that shall be unveiled, exposed, for the world to see. "Pay attention to your summer months, for things will come to a greater place of intensity. It will be the sound of war beats that will be very loud. Yet there is that which men do not see – underground China, those who meet in Taiwan, and you in the United States that pray. Therefore, I will take your prayers and I will pour them back on the earth. And you watch, through June, July and August, as there will come unusual shakings, unusual wind and temperatures that will reach above the hundreds. "'What is happening? Has God gone mad that things are this heated and intense?'" God says, "No. I will show the earth at this time, as the prayers of My people who have prayed shall be poured back upon the very soil of this country, that the earth will shake. Look to where it shakes. Pay attention through your summer months and into your fall, and do not be afraid, because a veil and a curtain of those who have done evil and have brought an agenda to deceive – they will be brought to another level of exposure now," says the Lord. "Pay attention to resignations, removals – those who no longer can serve in their offices. I will begin to turn things upside down, and for a moment it would look as though chaos has filled the air." God says, "No. It's to reset it and bring it into reversal."

[Editor's note: During this church service, people had taken a jar full of water up to the stage and put salt in it as a prophetic act. It was left on the stage, and as Pastor Hank was closing his prophetic word, he walked up to it and spoke the following.]

I pray now over this water, because I see a spring and summer of tornadic activity that the enemy would seek to unleash to counter. I pray, as I put my hand in the water, no. I speak peace, protection...I speak to the elements, to the waterways, be at peace. And I say no destruction shall come. Hank Kunneman One Voice Ministries Email: Have You Register Yet for this Awesome Conference The Realms of The Kingdom 8 Sessions 40 For ALL OR 10.00 per session.


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