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'The Year Of The Open Door' Dr Lance Wallnau

A brand-new year is upon us—a year for us to enter the supernatural freedom we have been given in Christ!
It is important to think about what God has already done and celebrate the victories! And it is also time to take note of what was delayed and held you back this past year—because God wants to write the next chapter of your life with an upgrade into a new level of glory!
Jesus is returning to rule. Heaven is closer now than it’s ever been before. This is why there is so much chaos on the earth.
The word the Lord has given to us is “Behold the Open Door in Twenty Twenty-Four!”
While we already have tasted a measure of liberty in Christ through salvation, in 2024, everything is going up to another level. The Lord is saying that in this New Year, He wants to position His people and reverse every curse. The Lord is becoming your STRONGHOLD and DELIVERER!
A new door is opening for YOU, and new strength and glory await YOU on the other side. Here is the powerful Scripture verse the Lord placed in our hearts for 2024:

Behold I set before you an OPEN DOORwhich no one is able to shut.I know that you have only a little strength,yet you have kept My word and have not denied My name.Revelation 3:8
This verse is especially powerful for those who have been weary from the battles of the past season. In 2024, God will provide YOU with this OPEN DOOR—so even if you are feeling weak, you have what it takes to step into the best year of your life!
Where will this door take you? It will transition you ABOVE the storm of the previous season. It will REVEAL Heaven’s power over your earthly situation and GIVE you access to divine solutions to overcome.
Perhaps you’ve experienced a family challenge? A loss? Some form of financial setback? A health issue? Have you felt hopeless or discouraged?
Like so many others, you may have looked at the condition of our nation and felt anxious about the future. God is about to set an OPEN DOOR before YOU!
This NEW DOOR that God has set before you will take you HIGHER into the LIFE OF THE SPIRIT! The Bible describes this process with these words: “Their weakness was turned to strength. They became strong in battle and mighty in war” (Hebrews 11:34).
Lance Wallnau



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