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Its an Immune Boost

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The Immune System Boosters The importance of  NANO silver for its curative properties has been known for centuries, in fact, silver has been the most extensively studied metal for purpose of fighting infections and preventing food spoilage, and notwithstanding the decline of its use as a consequence of the development of antibiotics, prophylaxis against gonococcal ophthalmia neonatorum with silver ions was considered the standard of care in many countries until the end of the 20th century [17]. Silver’s mode of action is presumed to be dependent on Ag+ ions, which strongly inhibit bacterial growth through suppression of respiratory enzymes and electron transport components and through interference with DNA functions [18]. Therefore, the antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties of silver ions and silver compounds have been extensively studied. Read Rest of Article 👇 Package comes with Immune Boost Vegetable Wash Mask Disinfectant Hand Sanitizer Would Care  ___________________________________________ Testimonies!  Robert Had an Infected ulcerated blister on his hand that would not heal He used several over the counter meds. He decided to use the drops It fell off 3 days later. Sue had an abscess near a tooth she used the drops and 2 days later GONE and no dentist appointment to pull the tooth. Russ had a high fever with an earache put drops in the Gatorade and was back at work in 36 hours.  Pattys bridge in her mouth gave here a server infection.  She rinsed daily with the drops and the mouth was cleared. Even after taking lots of medications that did not work to clear it up.



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