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'The United Kingdom: Ten Golden Trees' Micah Turnbo

I am writing what the Lord has asked me to share with you what I experienced in heaven. May this bless you! I do not have all the answers, but I wanted to encourage you with a glimpse of what Jesus said to Elizabeth II, Diana, and Phillip.

I entered a castle made of complete golden light. The rays bouncing off the walls were purple, blue, and orange. The radiance of such a place sang the love of God to my spirit. I made my way to the courtyard, where there was a throne made of blinding light, and the Lord Jesus, crowned with cosmic power, sat speaking with Elizabeth II, Diana, and Philip. Dressed in lavender and golden evening gowns, they talked to Jesus, whose robes housed the realms of beauty all within Him. Their presence rested in crystal light as the glory of God's love carried them. Elizabeth II bowed before the Lord Jesus and placed her head in his lap. Diana did the same. Jesus brushed their hair with deep affection; so much love in His touch.

Philip sat on the ground before the Lord and asked, "My Lord, will you bless us? Will you bless our line? You have forgiven the wickedness of our family, but Lord, we desire the United Kingdom to be what you have always dreamed. You are the true King. May we truly be united under the true King."

Jesus continued to brush the hair of Elizabeth II and Diana, answering Philip, "My blood speaks and cleanses my dear Philip, and just as you have given up your right to your throne for love, you understand what power love can do. I have never looked away from the United Kingdom." He lifted Elizabeth II and Diana's heads, smiling at them, "I will give ten trees of golden light. Those ten trees are ten Kings whom I will give wisdom. I will make their leaves heavy with spring rain. I will speak to the angel over the United Kingdom, and he will complete what I have spoken to you." Jesus pointed before him where I saw ten golden trees rise from the ground in the glory of God. Their leaves were heavy with rain. They grew strong! Jesus said to one of the golden trees, "I call you William. Listen to my voice. I will send you a prophet who sleeps under you, whom you do not recognize. I will send the rain to you. Obey my voice, and you will shine like gold."

Jesus squeezed Diana's hand, "He will be for the people, like you. They will love him, and the generations will lift him up."

We Love the Royal Family, and we love you, United Kingdom. May the power of God come upon the Royal Family.


Live Broadcast Thursday 22 Sept 6 PM CDT

Part 2

It's an unhappy time to see the Late Queen of England Elizabeth II pass onto glory.

But I will assure you she is in the Kings of Heavens Hands.

Although many in the world will see this transition of power and roles insignificant .

It is indeed powerful.

The new King Charles III will define roles and councils in mighty ways.

He has been declared King and Defender of the Faith upholding 1000s of years of traditions.

Join me on Thursday the 22 Of September as we Move into understanding the Defence of The Kingdom

Not Just realms on earth but how does this Correlate in heaven .

Does it?

Will it make a difference?

Are the two combined?

I have some amazing things to share.


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