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“The Truth Tellers Are Being Released and Will Be Given National Platforms!”Donna Rigney,

I heard the Lord say, “The truth tellers are being released, and will be given national platforms, so that eyes, hearts and minds will be opened. Lies have separated My children; the truth will unite them. Like a strong thread pulls together cultured pearls so that, joined together, they make a beautiful necklace, the truth will unite My children, and their beauty will be displayed for all to see. “The truth that is revealed will not just be about injustice in governments, but in all areas of life. Yes, in all the seven mountains of society, My truth shall be spoken and well received. In this past season, We have released a great hunger and deep thirst for the truth all over the world. This hunger and thirst will allow My children to easily let go of the false ‘tellers of lies’ and eagerly embrace the truth whole heartedly. Liars will be exposed and very quickly rejected. Truth tellers will be honored and well received! Unity is being restored to this world, to your nation, to churches, to businesses, to families. I will restore unity even to governments, as the truth is released! My prayer to My Father—that all would be one as We are one—shall be answered! All My prayers are answered because I am God! Confirming Scripture: “My prayer is not for them alone. I pray also for those who will believe in Me through their message, that all of them may be one, Father, just as You are in Me, and I am in You. May they also be in Us so that the world may believe that You have sent Me. I have given them the glory that You gave Me, that they may be one as We are one—I in them and You in Me—so that they may be brought to complete unity. Then the world will know that You sent Me and have loved them even as You have loved Me” (John 17:20-23). A Great Shaking Is Coming! Prophetic word of the Lord (March 24, 2023): The Lord spoke this very encouraging word to me: “Dancing in the streets is coming very soon, as My children take to the streets to celebrate Our great victory, and to celebrate the defeat of those wicked ones who tried to rob this nation of its heritage, and its true destiny! “Honor is going to fall on those who truly are deserving of great honor, and, at the same time, it will fall off the shoulders of the wicked, who—through deception—were wrongfully honored. “This is coming! Dancing in the streets will not be stopped by anyone, but the masses will join in to celebrate their freedom and the revelations that truth brings forth. Worship shall be taken from the wicked and restored back to Us—the one true God! “Yes, there will be a changing of the guard in all seven mountains of influence. The unrighteous will be dethroned and the righteous given back their rightful seats. Parents will be given back their seats of authority in the family. Righteous ministers will get back in place behind pulpits. Corrupt businesses will come down and righteous ones put in place. Those governing the affairs of men, who serve satan, will be quickly replaced by those who serve Us. Entertainment will not emulate the wicked, but the righteous will proclaim My message and motivate people away from evil, instead of towards evil, like it has. Truth tellers will replace those liars in the media who have been used by the foe to brainwash My children. The wealth of the wicked shall be turned over to the righteous, and the rulers of the economy will lose their seats of power. A great shaking is coming very soon! Because it is initiated by Us, it will expose evil, take it down, and elevate the righteous. Eyes that were duped and blind to the truth are being opened so that when this shaking happens, truth will unite My children worldwide!” Heaven’s Celebration Will Be Reflected on Earth! Prophetic encounter and word of the Lord (April 12, 2023): While in my prayer room, I saw myself in the spirit at the top of the mountain of intimacy, sitting between Father and Jesus. I saw the usual fires dotting the landscape below. These fires, I learned from past encounters, represented the fires of revival that were burning in this world. That night, I saw something else. The sky was lit with a massive fireworks display. Father was throwing a party—a wonderful celebration—over the return of His wayward children. Father explained, “Hunger and fear are motivating many of My children to run to Me. As the prodigal—out of desperation and lack—ran back to his father, so are many running to Me in this hour. Unfit for what the world offers, many are trying to find a place where they ‘fit in’ in My Kingdom. Destinies will be retrieved that were lost when they left Us and ran after what this world offered to them.

“For those who never left Us, there will be great rewards and wonderful promotions. As the father in the parable of the lost son told his faithful elder son, I, too, say, ‘All that I have is yours’ (see Luke 15:11-32). There are no limitations on those who steadfastly serve Us! Ask and you will receive!” “There is going to be a glorious celebration here on Earth that will reflect the celebration that We will be having in Heaven when your nation runs into My open arms and becomes Mine. We will be throwing a party, the likes of which this world has not seen. Many will be healed; the wealth of the unjust will be given to My faithful children; the lost will return to families long separated; grief will be replaced by an ecstatic joy! Yes, a grand celebration is coming to your land!” Father wants us to be like Him and join in the celebration when the wicked turn from their sins, truly repent and run to God, and not like the elder son in the parable of the lost son, who refused to join the party his father was throwing for his returned son. If we stand back and refuse to join the grand celebration, we will miss the party of the ‘greatest revival ever,’ like the Pharisees who missed the day of their visitation with Jesus. Jesus told this parable about the prodigal son to teach the Pharisees that they needed to forgive and embrace repentant sinners, and not stand back in judgment and disgust because of the reprobate lives these sinners lived before their conversion. He was teaching them to forgive as He forgives! Dominoes Will Fall! Prophetic word of the Lord (March 29, 2023): The Lord continued to speak to me about the great changes that are coming: “Things are going to turn around quickly. Once a domino falls, then the rest fall quickly in order. This is what is coming. When the first domino falls, then the rest will follow suit. Those who stood tall in arrogance and pride shall fall and take many down with them. “This will happen simultaneously: fires of revival shall be lit all over the land; incense shall arise before My throne, and even be brought to Us by Our excited hosts. For as they hear Our children worship Us, it delights them, and they can’t wait for the incense to reach Us—so they fly it to Us! While this is happening, dominoes of the unrighteous will be falling, one after another. Remember, it is the light of My glory that exposes what has been hidden in the darkness. “My children shall arise and freely and fearlessly take to the streets to celebrate both Our glory and the downfall of the wicked. For far too long, the wicked have intimidated My children so that they won’t protest their evil deeds. That shall change! Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom! In My glory, they will rejoice openly and show their displeasure over evil. “Change is coming! Your nation shall return to righteousness and allow Us to rule.” He Will Demonstrate His Power, Glory and Justice! Prophetic word of the Lord (April 4, 2023): The Lord declared, “Your world hasn’t seen anything yet! There will be a great demonstration of My power, glory and justice. The enemy has been putting on a great display of his injustices and wickedness for all to see! Now I will show Myself mighty, and I will display My goodness for all to see! “There will be no doubt, when I show up, that it is Me demonstrating My power, My justice, My goodness, My great love and My strong defense of those who have been unjustly persecuted. Watch, for the days ahead shall be filled with My glory! My glory will expose and eradicate evil!” On April 5, 2023, the Lord continued to speak to me about His justice: “Justice is coming quickly to your land, and it will spread like wildfire to the nations of the world where injustice has been ruling. Fire will fall from Heaven and destroy the remnant of wickedness so that only dust and ashes will remain. Destruction is coming quickly on those who lead My people away from Us and from Our ways. Truth will overtake and invade the land; lies will be exposed and dealt with judiciously. Fear of My wrath will be the byproduct as I arise and bring forth My justice for all to see!” A Visit to the Garden of Glory Vision and prophetic word of the Lord (March 26, 2023): While in my prayer room, I saw myself in the spirit, sitting in the beautiful, large fruit tree in the Garden of Glory. This fruit tree bore all different kinds of fruit. Jesus was standing in front of me, but, to my amazement, He was as big as the tree. With great joy, He gave me a large basket and filled it with many different pieces of fruit. He explained that those who come in the spirit, to visit in His glory, not only partake of the fruit of the Spirit, but they are sent forth to distribute the delightful fruit from Heaven to those on the earth: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. He said, “Freely you have received the fruit of My Spirit, now go forth and freely give. Those who follow or serve the wicked one have his fruit in their lives, and they do give that fruit to all about them. What is very true is that those who follow and serve Us have the fruit of the Spirit to distribute to My children. Once they taste and see how good I am, they will seek to follow Us as you do, so they have their own fruit to enjoy and give away (see Isaiah 61). “What is happening now is those who have been partaking of and distributing the fruit of the wicked one are getting disgusted with his fruit, as are those they have been sharing that fruit with. Hatred, envy, jealousy, theft, greed, lust, loneliness, murder, suicide, hopelessness, despair, depression and fear are but a few of the fruits he gives to his followers. “This is why I say to My children, ‘Choose whom you will follow!’ Let the choice, and the grave consequences of these choices, be made clear. To choose to truly follow Me brings life and life to its fullest, but to follow satan and his wicked hordes truly brings death and great misery. Loss instead of abundance is reaped by those who choose wrongly.” The following day (March 27, 2023), the Lord continued to speak to me about our choices: “When you come home to Heaven, you will never know pain or sorrow of any kind. While you are on Earth, the enemy runs rampant, because My children have turned My creation over to him. It was theirs, but they didn’t keep it. Each time they chose to follow him and did what he wanted, they surrendered part of this world to him. That is why there is so much pain and suffering—he rules, and My people don’t. “It is time to take back your land and surrender it to Us by truly living for Us. As I am worshiped and served, I will come on the scene and chase the enemy far from you. He is a thief and the father of all lies. “With your hands in Mine, I will lead you to evict the enemy and his hordes, and I will train you how to walk in My authority.” Watch Out for the Enemy’s Grenades! Prophetic encounter and word of the Lord (March 15, 2023): The Lord reminded me of an encounter I had with Him years ago. In this encounter, He was sitting beside me on a bench, at the top of a high mountain. Demons were climbing up the side of the mountain, and when they got close, they began throwing live grenades at me. In this vision, Jesus would point them out to me, and I would run and pick them up and throw them back at the enemy before they detonated on me. These grenades represented threats, sicknesses, trials, attacks from friends, distractions, etc. He explained, “This is the hour My friends who sit with Us are in. The enemy knows he is losing the war and is desperate, and, in desperation, is throwing grenades—if he can get close enough. Warn My children not to entertain his thoughts or threats, but to keep their gaze fixed on Us. Instruct them to declare what We are saying, and that will send the grenades back at him. “Tell My children that when they get their focus off Me and off My face, and put their gaze on their fellow man or on themselves, then that gives the enemy access to get close to them. This is why praise and worship are such powerful weapons against the enemy. They keep your focus on Me and off yourselves and others. “Self-focus fuels pride! It is also an open door for false shame and unhealthy self-recrimination for sins that have been washed away in My Son’s Blood. When pride-filled thoughts overtake My children, then spirits of jealousy, offense, hatred, bitterness, unforgiveness and fear of man all come close, so that they can throw their grenades to take out My people. The same thing happens when My children focus on others. It allows demons of hatred, anger and competition that fuels jealousy, criticism, fault-finding and many others to get close. “To keep one’s eyes fixed on Us is the way to be safe in Our arms (see Philippians 4:6-9)!” Donna Rigney His Heart Ministries Int


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