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'The Tables Are Turning' Nate Johnston


Ever felt like the tide is against you? That it seems like every part of your life is under siege, under fire, and in state of contention when you are trying to move forward? Does it feel like every door that should be opening is delayed as if there are a thousand men holding every way shut? Does it seem like your mind and heart is the target of a million fiery arrows from the enemy trying to take you down?

In the last few days I’ve felt such a burden of the Lord to pray over those at this specific place so I want to bring encouragement today to those facing opposition in the transition. So If this word resonates with you and one or more of these areas grips your heart please take it and let the power of the Holy Spirit bring you breakthrough as you read it.


I woke up early a few mornings ago with a pull of intercession for many who are looking at giant sized obstacles and discouraging outcomes and results in a season that has been prophesied to be marked with birthing and crossing over into promise.

“God this doesn’t look like the increase you promised?” many are saying who have felt like they have been walking through months of loss and robbery in many different areas. From health, to marriages, financial, and destiny. The signs don’t seem to be pointing to what God has shown you would be taking place and for many a deep discouragement is trying to set in.

Then as I was praying I saw people holding maps in their hands and looking bewildered and confused at the landscape they were seeing, so with a big sigh of exhaustion they dropped their maps, fell to the ground and gave up. So many are wanting to give up and drop their assignment and dreams because it looks too hard or bleak. For many its just pure exhaustion, discouragement, and defeat, but to many others this is so much more. It’s been an assassination attempt.


There has been an assassination attempt on many at the threshold because of what is at stake. Many who are crossing over into that place of promise have been not just dealing with difficult circumstances surrounding them but an actual assignment sent to take them out before they access it!

In the last three days I have recognized this spirit when praying for people and they have all shared that they have had thoughts to commit suicide with one young person I prayed for who admitting to actually attempting to do so. This assassination attempt has come to surround the minds of Gods people with such a deep oppression and hopelessness that they long to give up. The good news is that Jesus came to set us free from ALL kinds of bondage and He wants to break that spiritual assignment off you right now if you have felt it trying to come on you.

I command that spirit of death and suicide be broken off your life right now. You have the mind of Christ and every lying demon GO right now in Jesus name!


I had a very vivid dream a few nights ago where I was praying for a lady who had back and shoulder pain/tension. In the dream I was walking past her and had the word of knowledge and she says "yes thats right, how did you know?" As soon as i began praying it manifested as something more than just physical as the sweet presence of Jesus came and she cried out with this deep wail "I've been carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders!" and she got instantly set free, body, mind, and spirit.

I want to pray for those of you reading this who have been through months of being burdened by the spirit of heaviness, foreboding fear, worry, troubles, and mental torment. I command that spirits assignment broken off your life right now in Jesus name and every physical affliction attached to it also be broken in Jesus name.

Backs, shoulders, and necks i speak SHALOM over you. All pain leave, tension leave, and come back into alignment in Jesus name! I speak PEACE over minds that have been under the barrage of torment and causing sleeplessness, fatigue, and hopelessness. No more will your homes atmosphere be heavy, your family, or your marriage/relationships. Jesus you are our healer and we thank you for the anointing that breaks the yoke and sets people in bondage free.

"To appoint unto them that mourn in Zion, to give unto them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness, that they might be called trees of righteousness, the planting of the Lord, that He might be glorified.”

- Isaiah 61:3


I heard the Lord say that instead of heaviness, instead of the heavy yoke, this is the time to receive your new mantle! Just as David was commissioned by Samuel to be king and given the anointing and mantle to walk in that function, God is mantling you for this new season and DISMANTLING every heavy weight and burden of the past season.

Heaven is rejoicing. Angels are dancing and shouting in anticipation as you step into the new growth and promotion. You are being redefined and reassigned. The old armour and and unction simply won’t carry you any further. For months now the Lord has told me they are “mantles for reigning” because God is not only commissioning many with a double portion but He wants us to move into a governmental authority that causes us as the body of Christ to reign instead of being ruled. Reigning then releases inheritance and that is what the enemy is so afraid of you accessing which is why the war has been so great.


“The very moment I call to you for a father’s help the tide of battle turns and my enemies flee. This one thing I know: God is on my side!” - Psalm 56:9

As I was praying into this week i kept seeing a vision of tables being over-turned much like Jesus did in the temple when they were using Gods house incorrectly. The word “overturned” kept rising up my spirit and the lord began to speak to me that He was OVERTURNING every assignment of the enemy that had been waging war on you and TURNING THE TIDE!

He hasn’t turned a blind eye to you in fact He is rising up a holy anger and justice to see that what has been coming against you not only stop but it will FLIP and become something that works FOR YOU! This is where God fights fiercely for you and reverses the flow of calamity and opposition. Every weapon forged against you, that came at you, that tried to take you out, burden you, and enslave you as you stepping into new depths of destiny CANNOT and WILL NOT prosper (Isaiah 54:17 paraphrased) and I prophesy this will be will the week you get new STRENGTH, new JOY, and begin to shake the earth with the sound of your new mantle hitting the water in Jesus name!


- FEAST on the word of God and allow Holy Spirit to give you new Rhema(living) words for current situation. As you do it will begin to override the verdict and diagnosis of the enemy that has been screaming at you.

- FAST and consecrate yourself to the Lord. Obviously this is only if God is asking you to but fasting not only connects you to Gods heart and what He is doing in your life but it is a catalyst to see breakthrough.

- SPEAK prophesy, worship, thank, and magnify Jesus in your storm. There is something so powerful about strengthening yourself in the knowledge of who God is and giving him praise that breaks obstacles.

- SOW where God leads you to. Whether in finances, blessing people with help, prayer, and encouragement. The enemy wants you so focussed on your own world but as we begin to look for opportunity to bless others things begin to shift!

- ACTIVATE your mantle by finding a problem to point it at. Don’t lay down and accept defeat but get fierce, authoritative, and watch as things that have been out of alignment come back into place.

Nate Johnston


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