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'The Seer Anointing' Bernice Scheidler

“The Seer Anointing”

The Seer has eyes that penetrate the veil between the seen and unseen realms; anointed and chosen by God, the Seer sets himself apart for divine purposes. His focus extends

beyond the immediate, delving into the future, purpose, and destiny.

Operating within spiritual dimensions, the Seer receives messages directly from God.

At the core of the Seer is a deep, intimate connection with God. With union with Jesus, the Seer gains the desire to exercise his vision.

The Seer fixes his gaze upon the Master, Jesus, waiting for direction; he refuses to move without the Lord showing Him the way.

Attuned to the Holy Spirit's whispers, the Seer unravels the mysteries hidden in the night's parables, dreams, and visions, unveiling profound truths for those who seek.

The Seer spirit is finely tuned to divine frequencies, receiving revelations far beyond the surface, soaring to unseen heights. He is a conduit for profound insights, a beacon of light in the shadows, and a voice of hope to the hopeless.

The Seer continually searches the deep things of God, guided only by the one He loves.


1 Corinthians 2:10 (NIV) that "The Spirit searches all things, even the deep things of God."

Berniece Scheidler


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