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Lana Vawser Over the last week the Lord has been highlighting to me over and over that there are many in the body of Christ right now who are feeling like they are going to be ‘taken out’. The battle for many has intensified so dramatically, whether it’s fear, circumstances, sickness, opposition, it has been ferocious. As I leaned in to hear the heart of the Lord I heard these words over these ones: “You will not be taken out, you are entering your greatest days of seeing WHO I AM, DISPLAYED. Fear, intimidation, circumstance, doubt, despair has come against you like a flood, it has been ferocious but you are not alone. I am with you and the voice of the enemy and the voice of the flesh is screaming from many different directions ‘you are going to be taken out’ but I say unto you, ‘YOU WILL NOT BE TAKEN OUT. Hold onto Me!

You are entering your greatest days of seeing who I am, displayed. The pressure has been relentless but I say unto you, that you are entering days NOW where you will see My POWER like you have never seen it before.

As you have felt the groaning deep in your spirit to “take Me at My Word” like never before, that place is the place where I am birthing deeper faith, I am birthing a deeper place of dependence upon Me and everything is screaming contrary, but I say to you, HOLD ONTO ME and MY WORD. KNOW that I am going to reveal Myself in greater ways than you have EVER seen as your provider, your healer, your deliverer, your protector, your strong tower, your ever present help in time of need.

I am going to reveal Myself in such deep ways to you that the anchor of your heart will go deeper into the revelation of what it means to live IN ME. What it means to live IN CHRIST. You are coming deeper, you are going through the birth canal. I know it’s painful. I know it is hard, but I am with you. Hold on and do not give up. Lean in. It is imperative that you lean into My Word and lean into My promises and hold tight. Shop The Oils Here

This is making the room within you for faith to flourish and grow to a whole new level. Many of you need to hear that you are being assaulted by a demonic spirit that is coming to attempt to shut you down and attempt to take you out, but I say unto you AGAIN, hold tight onto Me, you will NOT be taken out.

I say unto you, the posture to fight is to STAND. DO NOT sit down, DO NOT sit under this. STAND! STAND! YOUR WEAPON IS IN YOUR MOUTH. “IT IS WRITTEN”. This is your weapon. Stand My warrior. STAND! It is not in your own strength, it is NOT by might, it is NOT by power, but it is by MY SPIRIT. It is not striving in the natural, it’s resting in WHO I am, and MY WORD to you. I AM the God of miracles.

The voice of the enemy is speaking contrary to what I am speaking. The voice of the enemy is coming with force to speak foreboding and false pictures of what to come and ‘this is what is going to happen’. The enemy is coming with the lie ‘there is no way of escape’ but I say to you My precious ones..

ARISE AND DECLARE! IT IS WRITTEN! This is a time unlike any other, this is a time to be DEEP in My Word.

This is a time to FEAST on My Word and be FILLED with My Word. BE FILLED WITH FEAST. BE FILLED WITH THE FEAST OF MY WORD. Don’t look around you, don’t look to others, don’t look to their trials and what they are walking through now to determine your posture of faith according to their story, LOOK TO ME. What am I saying to YOU? What is My Word spoken to you (Matthew 4:4)? It is according to YOUR FAITH.

I am building you in faith and the fireball of My faith is growing from within you stronger day by day and the ROAR of faith, MY ROAR as the Lion of Judah is being birthed through you." “You are entering the space of momentous miracles. Miraculous protection. Miraculous provision. Miraculous healing. Miraculous deliverance. I say unto you that you will NO LONGER look around and say “MOUNTAIN, MOUNTAIN, MOUNTAIN, MOUNTAIN” but you will look around and say “MIRACLE, MIRACLE, MIRACLE, MIRACLE, MIRACLE, MIRACLE” “Push through My precious ones. Push through! Hold on tight, you will not be taken out. You are coming out of the birth canal. You are at a threshold and there is always a ferocious battle at the threshold but as you hold to Me and feast and declare My Word, living in the deep rested faith of who I AM, and what it looks like to live IN ME, you are going to see you are entering your greatest days of seeing who I am, DISPLAYED! The enemy has been screaming “You are going to be taken out” but I am saying, you are being positioned to lead in greater ways and the power of My name and names, My Word and My nature displayed in Jesus name.”

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