'The Glory Pathways Invading Earth' Angela Greenig

The Heavens are wide open, and there is a glory cloud on the horizon. To call it a glory cloud doesn’t fully describe the magnitude of it, though. I see it more like a glory pathway, because I see glory being released from heaven to earth, on a mission to reach and impact the world with God's glory.

Jeremiah 6:16 speaks about the ancient portals of Heaven, which says, “Stand in the ways and see, and ask for the Old Paths, where the good way is, and walk in it.” I believe there are ancient paths that are opening up, allowing access to the portals of heaven. It's time to step into the fullness of the Supernatural and the glory of God.

How did the Apostles and Prophets spoken of in God’s word know how to release the supernatural on earth? How is it that they could bring down fire from heaven, and cause the winds and the rain to appear, or even stop? Throughout the word of God there are parallel worlds of the supernatural that God wants us to understand. These parallel worlds (or realms) live side-by-side with a natural realm. Matthew 4:17 says that the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. Once we step into the supernatural realm and the resurrection of these ancient Pathways, we will be able to access heaven and receive the revelation He has for us.

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We are the fathers and mothers of faith to this generation. Like the fathers and mothers of faith who have gone before us (and those who are yet to come), we, too, must model ourselves after the passionate pioneers of faith we see throughout history and the Holy Bible. From Abraham to Moses, to Elijah to Deborah, to Paul and John the Baptist, and Anna. They walked in these ancient pathways, entering and unlocking the portals of Heaven.

I believe in the body of Christ that we are on a collision course with destiny. I believe that God has given us wisdom – keys throughout His Holy Word to use as our guide. Ezekiel 37:9 & 10 speak of how God breathed life into Adam. The breath of life God breathed wasn't just a natural breath, but it was also of God’s own spirit, which is supernatural. In order to see the miracles, signs, and wonders that we have read about, heard, and have even seen with our eyes (yes, even raising the dead), we have to understand the power and authority God has given each of us. But not only that, we have to walk it out. We have to allow the Old and New Testament to come alive within each one of us.

All throughout God's Holy Word, wherever the glory of God appeared, there was an increase released. Deuteronomy 1:11says, “May the Lord, the God of your ancestors, increase you a thousand times, and bless you as He has promised!” I have studied the supernatural significance of numbers as they related to God’s Word, and the meaning they hold to us as Believers. The number “111” represents power. In my mind’s eye I see what looks like a power grid across the lands. As God’s people step into their rightful authority, I see them becoming like power conductors that connect across the landscape, creating the power grid – border-to-border, and around the world. This will create a synergy that opens the way to a mighty outpouring of God’s spirit on the earth.

As part of this outpouring, the Lord has impressed on my heart that it is time for the early and the latter rains to collide! The former things that were held back (restoration of families, healing of sicknesses, and delayed promises) are about to be released in an abundance. The greatest harvest-producing rains are coming. We will see even great measure of these rains as the year of 2019 comes to an end, which I believe are preparation for an abundant soul harvest!

Throughout history, great outpourings of God's Holy Spirit have been accompanied by a great harvest of souls. For many months, all I keep seeing are these glory pathways, which I believe represent access to the tangible presence of God. Similar to the cloud by day, which God used to dwell with those who came out of the bondage and slavery of Egypt, and into the fullness of what God had promised them. I believe these glory pathways confirm that promise for us still to this day—that He will be a cloud by day, and a fire by night, because in Him is perfect peace and rest.

In this season, I would like to decree Zechariah 2:5 over us – that He is a wall of fire surrounding each one of us, and in the midst of the fire dwells His Holy Spirit. As we grab a hold of the promises in the glory of God, remember Joshua 5:9 &10, which I believe is a key verse for us right now, which says, “Then the Lord said to Joshua, “Today I have rolled away the reproach of Egypt from you.” So the place has been called Gilgal to this day. On the evening of the fourteenth day of the month, while camped at Gilgal on the plains of Jericho, the Israelites celebrated the Passover.”

This passage is significant, because I feel the urgency of the Lord on us to come out of Egypt and Gilgal, which represent slavery and death – and believe in Him for the inheritance He has promised to you. Some of you need to come out of Jericho, which represents war, and many of you are battle-weary. “Be refreshed in my Glory!”, says the Lord.

As we depart from these places of heaviness and enter into His glory, I feel that He is calling us into a spiritual preparation. We see so much chaos running throughout the land, and He is urging us to draw near and to circumcise our hearts. He is calling us to align ourselves with His divine insight to be like watchmen observing the landscape around us. In order to crossover into the Promised Land of outpouring in this season, God is looking for the purebreds, and this preparation is essential for Him to bring forth the harvest meant for this next season. In the absence of order, chaos does (and will) erupt; but God is realigning and bring an order from his Holy place of heaven to the earth, which starts in and through us. 

Following our preparation for the outpouring of His glory, is sustaining the glory. To do that, we need to reflect back to the beginning in the Garden of Eden, when the glory of God covered the world, and Adam and Eve.

Genesis 2 speaks about how Adam and Eve were unaware of their nakedness because God’s glory and presence covered them. We need to be so enveloped in the glory of God that we can only focus on our connection to Him – and it is honestly a process. But every great move of God is birthed through a process, and the process will cost you everything. When you become so recklessly abandoned unto God, it doesn't matter what or how things are going; all that matters is that you are you are chasing after the Holy Spirit with every breath that you have.

I love in the story of David that was in the cave of intimacy. I believe we will find His presence in the cave of intimacy – i.e. in the quietness of worship and the word and prayer. These are the keys that are going to move us into fulfilling destiny. Sadly, we as Believers have seen the genuine intimacy of God come into question as a result of manmade counterfeit or disingenuous movements of God. Even with the purist of intentions, when God’s people try to manifest or maintain the glory of God out of their own strength through crazy outpourings and meetings (and not from His mighty move), it can make people suspicious or apprehensive about God’s intimacy being genuine or accessible by His people.

Other times, people will react in a manner that resembles the Holy Spirit because they feel pressure to, or because they think they're supposed to. I have personally witnessed people stir themselves into laughter to show others they are being moved by the Lord or “getting wrecked” in His presence, as a way to feel like they aren’t being left out of a move of God. In order to contain and sustain the pure glory of God, it honestly does come at a cost. 1st Timothy 2:5 talks about the Holy Spirit being the mediator that lives in us, to guide us protect us. It is so important that we allow Holy Spirit to flow through us genuinely. This is the only way that we can see God’s spirit released in power throughout the earth through us as His divine power grid.

It is time to hear Wisdom’s voice calling us, drawing us out of the grave clothes and things that once held us bound. It is time to prepare our hearts and spirits by dwelling with Him deeply. It is time to be filled with His spirit and endowed with His power. It is time to carry that power and authority all over the earth, connecting with other Believers who are recklessly abandoned. It is time to boldly let His power surge through us as He releases heaven on earth through us! Will you be bold and allow Him to move mightily through you for His glory in this season?

Till the end,


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