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'The Gimel and Gamal of God! And what about those Camel Kisses?' Edie Bayer

This morning in prayer the Lord showed me a vision of camels coming straight at me, head on, from very close up. It was a slow stampede of camels! Soon they collided with me and were actually walking over the top of me! They were all around me everywhere. They surrounded me on every side and there was no way for me to get away from them. I heard the voice of the Lord say,

“The camels aren’t coming. They’re already here.”

As the flow of camels continued toward me without stopping, I heard,

“Wake up and realize they’re here. They’re all around you.”

I know this part is weird, but true: next the camels started licking my face, like dog kisses.

The King of the Camels

I looked out in the distance over the backs of this endless flock, over the sheer multitudes of camels and saw a rider upon the back of one. I assumed it was a sultan, but when I looked again, it was Jesus! He rode toward me, wearing a gold crown – the King of the Camels! While He was still a good distance away, with an expansive motion of His hands in my direction, He said,

“I release them, and I keep them. NOW, I release them!”

“…whatever you bind on earth must be what is already bound in heaven; and whatever you loose on earth must be what is already loosed in heaven” (Matthew 16:19).

It’s like that!

During a short afternoon nap, in that place between asleep and awake, the Lord showed me another quick vision. Just north of where I live is a stretch of highway that suddenly changes from two lanes into four lanes. This enables a massive amount of bottle-necked, choked up traffic to diverge and spread out over multiple lanes, eliminating all blockage, accelerating, and allowing the free flow of previously restrained vehicles. In an instant this freeway becomes wide open, with absolutely no warning at all! It just SUDDENLY HAPPENS! He showed me this section of highway in a nano-second, just a snippet of a vision, and said,

“It’s like that.”

“He brought me out to a wide-open place. He rescued me because he was pleased with me” (Psalm 18:19).


During this same short nap, the Lord dropped both the Spanish word “Conozco” into my spirit and showed me the Hebrew letter Gimel.

· Now, I haven’t taken Spanish since high school, but somehow upon waking I instinctively knew that conozco means “I KNOW”; however, just to be safe I looked it up. Surprisingly, Conozco has about a dozen usages, all with the root meaning of “I KNOW”: meeting someone for the first time; being “acquainted” with something, all the way up to “knowing” someone intimately, and “mastering” a topic!

· The Hebrew letter Gimel looks like a camel! In fact, some say that one of the meanings of Gimel is camel. The letter Gimel is super close to Gamal which, according to Strong’s 1581, actually does mean camel in Hebrew.

However, more importantly, Strong’s 1580 also defines Gamal as to bestow upon, to deal bountifully with, to do good to, to recompense, to reward, to benefit and to yield – as in a harvest!

Is it any wonder that camels have come to be associated with rewards and provision? They are the Gimel and Gamal of God!

What about those camel kisses?

So…how is Conozco connected to camels and a four-lane highway? And what about those camel kisses? Leave it to God’s sense of humor to be able to pull so many diverse, completely unrelated pieces together and make an amazingly glorious picture of His lovingkindness toward us…not to mention His generous nature!

Contained within in the MANY meanings of I KNOW, from start to finish, the Lord is taking us from being vaguely acquainted with the concept of camels as the provision of God, all the way to I KNOW ALL ABOUT CAMELS from first-hand, personal experience! We have all heard for years “the camels are coming”, but we are NOW going from just “hearing and hoping” to being surrounded and overtaken by them, just like the camels in the vision! The King of Camels has already released them!

“ALL these BLESSINGS will COME UPON you and OVERTAKE you if you obey the Lord your God…” (Deuteronomy 28:2, emphasis mine).

In fact, these “God Kisses”, symbolized by the camels licking my face, are running us over, just like the blessings of God, because they are already here! We won’t be able to get away from them!

The four-lane highway He showed me means that ALL blockages have been removed, that the Gimel and Gamal of God have gone from throttled back and choked down to expansive, wide open, free flowing and accelerated...NOW!

If you are like the bulk of the body of Christ, you have been awaiting the arrival of your camels. I am telling you NOW – they are HERE! All obstacles gone, all impediments dissolved…nothing standing between us and the realization of our God dreams – the dreams that HE GAVE US! The best part is that it is NOW!

“And I will say: Make a way; give free passage, turn out of the path, take away the stumbling blocks out of the way of my people” (Isaiah 57:14).

Yes…It’s Like That, He said!

Be blessed as God Blesses you! Be sure to bless others, too!

Edie Bayer


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