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'The future of the Biden Administration' Chris Reed


I want to share more about prophecies that I believe we will continue to see fulfilled in 2024. Included among “The 40 Prophecies” I first shared at the 2022 Vision Conference were ones about the 2024 U.S. presidential election.

            In last week’s newsletter, I shared what the Lord showed me about the connection between the Biden Administration and China’s use of bribery to gain political influence within the U.S. I want to share more about President Joe Biden, his son Hunter Biden, and what the Lord showed me about them.

            I previously shared this word: “The Hunter Biden laptop case, which was suppressed before the 2020 election, is about to be opened. This issue will become a centerfold in the news and will tremendously hurt his father's credibility and past claims. Last year, the Lord showed me this would hurt his father to the point to where he will lose power and be out of office before the 2024 election.”

            This prophecy is mostly fulfilled. In October 2020, the FBI received a flash drive containing emails and text messages from Tony Bobulinski, a business partner of Hunter Biden. This evidence confirmed the authenticity of the contents on Hunter’s laptop, contradicting earlier claims of “disinformation.” The FBI documented this verification in a report. The report also revealed that Joe Biden had personal discussions with Bobulinski regarding his son’s lucrative Chinese joint venture. Furthermore, it indicated Joe Biden was set to receive a share of the profits, challenging previous denials (Sperry, 2023).

            The Hunter Biden laptop story has resurfaced in the media. This has exposed inconsistencies in Joe Biden’s previous statements, significantly undermining his credibility. What has not yet happened? While Hunter Biden’s laptop case has made headlines and posed challenges for the president, we are yet to witness Joe Biden “out of office before the 2024 election.”

Biblical principles related to this word:

  • Eli was a man of significant authority, yet he had disobedient sons whom he failed to discipline. He would go on to lose the priesthood forever as a result of this (see 1 Samuel 2:12-36). In the same way, it will be the shameful acts of Hunter Biden that will cost his father his seat of authority.

  • While Romans 13 exhorts us to intercede for our national leaders, including “kings and all those in authority,” there are also many biblical and historical precedents for the Lord deposing or removing unrighteous leaders.

            I also previously shared this word: “President Joe Biden's health will continue to fail. I do not wish him harm. I pray for him. I pray for God to remove him, but I also pray for him and his salvation and for him to become a Saul of Tarsus figure. He will lose power, and it will be convenient for the Democrats to not have him leading the 2024 ticket. He will attempt to redeem his failed presidency by making a woman president for the first time. I have seen Kamala Harris at the helm, but only for a short time—weeks or months.”

            This has been partially fulfilled. A poll has revealed that 68% of voters expressed worries, including 55% with “major” concerns about Joe Biden’s health. Notably, concerns about Biden’s ability to hold office have grown among Democrats, from 21% in 2020 to 43% now (Todd, 2023). Prominent Democrats have raised questions regarding Joe Biden’s age and expressed concerns about his health. Some within the party withhold their support for Biden’s 2024 candidacy for this reason (Olorunnipa, 2023).

            What has this not yet happened? While there have been ongoing concerns about Joe Biden’s health within the Democratic Party, we have yet to see Democrats officially dismissing him as their 2024 presidential candidate, paving the way for Kamala Harris to become the first woman to be president of the U.S.

Biblical principles related to this word:

  • While we do not delight in anyone’s illness or suffering, sometimes the Lord will allow these things to “raise up” or “tear down” leaders according to His sovereign will (see Jeremiah 1:10).

  • There is biblical precedent for the Lord afflicting leaders to accomplish His greater purpose. For example, the Lord struck King Nebuchadnezzar with madness to humble him because of his godlessness and pride (see Daniel 4). Similarly, the Lord may use President Biden’s health issues or mental decline to accomplish His greater purposes.

  • In Daniel 5, the Lord sent a hand to write on the wall an ominous message to the king. Daniel’s interpretation of it was, “You have been weighed in the balances and found wanting” (Daniel 5:27). The remainder of this prophecy warned of the invasion of the Medes and Persians, which happened that very night. Likewise, this prophecy indicates the Lord’s hand will remove Biden from power.

            I encourage you to pray for the Biden family and for the leadership of this country. While many dislike President Joe Biden’s political views and actions, I do pray for the Lord’s will to be done and for the Biden family to turn to God.

Chris Reed



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