'The Enemy's Area of Influence' Amber Picota

One day while I was out for a run, Holy Spirit began speaking to me, as he often does while I'm out running.  Trust me, God had my full attention as a vision played out in front of me as I ran.  In this vision, there was a hideous, foul smelling beast.... on a chain. The chain was like a heavy version of a tie out for a dog. There was a central spike in the ground and the beast was chained to it. It could only go where the chain would allow it.  Holy Spirit said to me, "The enemy can only touch you within his sphere of influence" As I often do, I began to push for more information by asking for questions. My mind was racing.... I wondered, "WHERE exactly is the enemy's area of influence? Brothels? Drug houses? Burning man?" "The enemy's sphere of influence is LIES AND DECEPTION", Holy Spirit said....  And just like that, God let me chew on that for a while. 

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And chew on it, I did. This revelation actually challenged me a bit. I was brought up within a culture that gives far more power to the enemy than that. We attribute so much to the enemy and we often live lives of limitation because of the "attacks of the enemy"... And here was God, personally offending me a little bit, stretching my beliefs.  I began to study the word, and research down many avenues in regard to this concept. Imagine that, GOD WAS RIGHT.  Listen, the enemy is powerless except for the areas of lies and deception! That's all bondage is.... LIES that the enemy has tricked us into believing.  A lie has no power at all... UNTIL A BELIEVER with the authority of Christ BELIEVES IT. When a believer agrees with one of the enemy's lies, THENNNN it has power infused into it.  The enemy may have told you that you are cursed. Your belief in that lie is what is empowering it in your life. You may truly be living a life that feels cursed, but is it just because you have empowered the lie by believing it?? Truth bomb: JESUS HAS BROKEN EVERY CURSE OVER YOUR LIFE.  The enemy may have told you that you are ugly and not worth loving. Maybe you've spent your whole life believing that was true and it has impacted your life enough to reinforce the belief. Truth bomb: YOU ARE FEARFULLY AND WONDERFULLY CREATED IN THE IMAGE OF GOD AND HE LOVED YOU AT YOUR WORST. You couldn't not be loved by God even if you tried. Here's the deal, we have the power to kick these lies out and replace them with God's truth. We have the power to retrain our minds to think like God. We have the power to over rule old toxic thinking cycles with new cycles of victorious mindsets.  Want to hear something even cooler?!!! Your life that you're living now has been tremendously influenced by your thoughts, beliefs, and mindsets. Your cumulative thoughts have built your life. Sure, there were things that happened to you that were out of your control! But your thoughts and beliefs are what governed what you chose to do with those things.  If you begin to reprogram your mind with VICTORIOUS, EMPOWERING mindsets, you will begin to see the life around you change with it. Why? Because just like God. You are a creator. You co-create your life with God.  When your thoughts are raised higher, your words are raised higher, your actions and choices are raised higher. One choice at a time, one word at a time, one thought at a time.... that's how your life is built!

Amber Picota

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