'The End Time Champions' Patty Finney Compton

Most people called to be a Prophet, dont understand the High Cost it takes for God to mold and build you into the fullness of the Prophets calling. The gift is not without repentance, but the character to hold that gifting take years. Yes, years.Most people coming in only have Star dust and Stardom in their eyes. They see a Platform, Power, Prestigue, Popularity, Fame and Fortune. But there are those who have eyes to see behind the scenes, beyond the veil of flesh and see the call to suffer with Jesus in Gethsemane, to be crucified upon a cross, to suffer at the hand of persecution and accusation, to give up your life over and over again.

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Those that have eyes let them see.We are called to walk and overcome many ungodly assignments set against us, just as we are to overcome the Jezebels sent to take the Prophets of God out, to steal our identities and assassinate our character. Like Moses, a Prophet will lay their life down many times in the Presence of the Almighty. There it will cost you, your life, as you cry out for Mercy for others, even when they dont deserve it. But because they know not what they do. The price is higher than any know or can perceive. A true Prophet will walk many journeys alone, yet, they know that as they are alone in many Seasons of their lives, God is, always, there beside them. He will never leave them or forsake them.Many want the titles, but never consider the high cost. Like the Five Foolish, it seems they can skip the steps the Five Wise Virgins took, who carried the extra oil. They had paid the price for it. But when the Midnight Hour came, the Five Foolish found they were not prepared, they had to go purchase extra oil. And they realized, that they had not paid the price and the door was shut to them. As Kathryn Kuhlman stated, It will cost you everything and it will.Some it has cost them their physical lives. Yet, we we answer the call for Him who called us before the beginning of time, while He was forming us, even, in the womb of God.

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We are the Sold Out Ones, to Him who sits on the Throne and we willingly give Him our lives. Not just because it is what we do, our ministry or calling, but its because of who we are. We are His Relentless Warriors, His Valiant Ones, and His Dread Champions sent to be Change Agents to a dying World. We are the elect Army of God and we are rising up, in Him. Because we have decreased, He is increasing.With our shields of Faith up, shoulder to shoulder, we stand strong in Him. And now we are marching onto Zion and nothing will stop us, for He is with us. Who can be against us. Glory, Glory, Glory. The beautiful picture created is by: I am God's Girl.

Patty Finney Compton

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