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'The Big World Series Message' Johnny Enlow

The Washington Nationals defeated the Houston Astros, thus becoming the unlikely World Series Champions of baseball. There are multiple key prophetic messages for us from this result and they are instructive and generally encouraging messages for us.


The following are some of the key symbolisms and meanings from the World Series result:

- Washington Nationals primary color is red, (Media, Trump, Blood of       Jesus) and overall colors are red, white, and blue (USA)

- MVP Stephen Strasburg is #37 (Psalms 37)

- Houston Astros primary color is orange (Family)

- Nationals’ Manager is named David (killer of Goliath)

- Nationals’ General Manager is named Michael (watcher over Israel)

- 7th Game and 7th Inning (God time)

- Ronald Reagan Presidential Library protected by perimeter of fire fighters (Patriotic government protected)

- STAY IN THE FIGHT—motto of Nationals (essential mindset for the day)

W, H, Red, and Orange are in the World Series

The prophetic symbolism of the World Series is almost too extensive to cover in its’ entirety, but here we go. For instance, as I watched game 1 of the World Series I was immediately drawn to the letter on the caps of each team. Washington carried the W and Houston carried the H. I saw this as representative of White House, and my first assumption from that alone was that the W goes first and so Washington would win.

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The second thing I noticed was RED being the primary color of the Nationals and ORANGE being the primary color of the Astros. This was also interesting to me, as recently my daughter Justice won Miss Tennessee USA and she wore a red dress. The Miss Teen wore the orange dress. Both are positions of honor but the Miss Teen win is perhaps of slightly less prestige. From this symbolism I also perceived that Washington would win.

Now for those of you who know or follow our rainbow color assessment for the 7 Mountains you know that RED is associated with the mountain of MEDIA and that ORANGE is associated with the mountain of FAMILY. These two mountains are majorly highlighted at this time, and the enemies present assault against family is spearheaded by its virtual takeover of the mountain of media. The White House is almost directly at war with the forces of the mountain of media, as it knows that a great anti-family campaign is flourishing through a twisted narrative that is being orchestrated by sinister forces. These sinister forces are manipulating media. More on this later.


Houston has found itself in the news quite more often over the last few years. In August of 2017 a hurricane came into Houston and the whole city was flooded from the record rains—flooding that caused 125 billion dollars of damage (also a record). This year there was recently another major flooding event of the city. Then two of the last three years Houston was in the news for finally being in the World Series. Houston has also made the news for essentially being ground zero for Planned Parenthood. This is covered pretty well in the movie UNPLANNED—which is difficult to watch but a must-see movie. Sinister forces have been attempting to suppress it in every way. Remarkably and as Exhibit A of the contradiction of Houston, it is the home of the largest abortion clinic in the nation and the largest church in the nation. What a contradiction. Joel Osteen pipes out HOPE to the whole world, less than five miles away from perhaps the biggest death operative on the planet. Adding to Houston’s complexity, it is the home of NASA and the noted homestead of the Bush’s. There are important reveals yet to come forward on both of these.


DC is the ruling city in the world for the mountain of government. I think that is quite self-evident at this time. What goes as “main-stream media” is actually a propaganda machinery in cahoots with sinister elements in the intelligence community—this makes DC the epicenter for the battle over the mountain of media. In fact the illegitimate shadow government (the “deep state” or “the swamp”) that President Trump is assigned to clean out uses the “main-stream media" as its base of operations. President Trump, realizing as well that the mountain of media is where the front lines battle is taking place, has taken unprecedented and exhaustive measures to get communication to the people. Never has a President made more of an effort to communicate with his nation—never has it been more intentionally suppressed and distorted.


A repeating headline that described the Nationals World Series win was one that referred to them as “giant slayers”. No team has ever had to defeat such powerful teams in order to win the World Series of baseball. In all the playoff series they had to face elimination games, and they often won in remarkable and dramatic ways. The overwhelming favorites and “giants" of the National League were the Los Angeles Dodgers whose primary color is blue. It is not coincidental that Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, and Kamala Harris lead a contingent of California “blue” politicians who are in an unending coupe attempt against the “red” President. I think it is significant that the day the Nationals were winning the World Series a contingent of hundreds of firefighters had to surround the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in the Los Angeles area to save it from a raging wildfire. The historical site was in unprecedented danger of burning down. There is a connection between Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump—they both represent a rescue operation from heaven. This present one will be much more transcendental and referred back to forever.

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Stephen Strasburg won the most valuable player award (MVP) for the Nationals and his number is 37. He shut down the opposition in the two World Series games, and his team won in all playoff games that he pitched. His number 37 takes us to a most relevant scripture for us at this time—that is Psalms 37. The first verse says, “Don’t worry about the wicked or envy those who do wrong for like grass they will soon fade away.” Verse 7 reinforces that with, “Be still in the presence of the Lord and wait patiently for Him to act. Don’t worry about evil people who prosper or fret about their wicked schemes.” These two verses couldn’t be more relevant. The Lord follows that up with, “For the wicked will be destroyed,” in verse 9. “Soon the wicked will disappear, though you look for them.” Another great declaration comes from verses 12 and 13. “The wicked plot against the godly; they snarl at them in defiance. But the Lord just laughs, for He sees their day of judgment coming.” Verse 15, “Their swords will stab their own hearts.” Verse 17, “The strength of the wicked will be shattered.” And a great declaration in verse 28, “For the Lord loves JUSTICE.” It is time for the beauty of JUSTICE to be displayed.

In an interesting coincidence with the number 37 it should be noted that the address for the aforementioned Lakewood Church (Joel Osteen) is 3700 Southwest Freeway. This also goes into their Ezekiel 37 call to prophesy hope into dry bones.


The motto adopted by the Washington Nationals was STAY IN THE FIGHT. They started the year having just lost their superstar player Brian Harper and played very poorly the first third of the year with seemingly no chance of making the playoffs. They chose to STAY IN THE FIGHT and that was their rallying cry in each of their elimination games. There is a great message for whatever challenging situation we find ourselves in. It is a personal word and a general word. It means, “it ain’t over until its’ over,” or better said, “it ain’t over until it is good.” If you read my prophetic words on the Triple Crown of horse racing earlier in the year you will recognize the repeat message. The three winners of the horse races were Country House, War of Wills, and Sir Winston. I shared how Country House had to do with Nation and Family being prioritized, and then War of Wills and Sir Winston were both about a “stay in the fight”, Churchill-like demeanor to embrace. Only God can make the World Series and the Triple Crown races prophesy in alignment. This is where we can take note that the manager of the nationals is named David and the general manager goes by Michael. These are the respective greatest warriors of history and of the heavenly realm. Furthermore, as I have shared before, Trump has a David call and anointing to be a “giant slayer”. He is faced up with the Goliath Media mouth and he is going to take it down with a little stone.


A most interesting dynamic of this World Series is that the home team lost every game. This has never happened. It is usually considered a huge benefit to have home games, as a cheering crowd makes you the favorite at this level. This year there was a homefield disadvantage. Washington lost all 3 of its home games while winning all 4 road games. It was noted that President Trump came to one of the home games and was loudly booed. This speaks into what Trump actually faces in DC. He is winning all over the nation and across so many fronts but his home “swamp” is not cheering for him. I was happy, however, to read the quote from Stephen Strasburg when asked about his thoughts on the President coming. “Everybody is excited. He is the President of the United States.” Also the Nationals quickly accepted the President’s invitation to come to the White House, which is something not all teams have been doing.

Part of Houston’s “losing at home” was their delay in firing their assistant general manager after his profanity laced, ill-advised comments to female journalists when he was asked about the hiring of a player charged with domestic violence. After he was fired they won their next three games. Clearly there is a whole thing with Houston and family mountain matters.


One of the most obvious realities throughout the playoffs was that the Washington Nationals were having more fun than anybody else. It was widely noted throughout the year—especially in the post season. The more pressure-packed the game the more intentionality in celebrating everything. They blew whistles, had conga lines, played kids’ songs, and danced and hugged at every possible point—probably infuriating the opposition with the excess of celebration. This, of course, is a huge message for us, and it can not be overstated. A team whose rallying cry and logo was, “stay in the fight,” would be known for fun and celebration, which seems ironic or contradictory. Yet that is exactly what we must become known for in this unfolding age of the kingdom. Yes, it is serious (world serious :)), and yes, it is a fight—but the kingdom of God is righteousness, peace. and JOY in the Holy Spirit (Rom. 14:17). Furthermore in His presence is fullness of joy and pleasures for evermore, according to Psalms 16:11. Everything is at risk, but the full weight of that belongs only on His shoulders. For us it is to be—fun in the clubhouse.


Much has been written on the dramatic turn of events in game 7—when in the 7th inning suddenly everything changed. The seemingly “dead in the water” Nationals resurrected. After being shut out for 6 innings and not looking like they had a chance they suddenly awakened. In the year 5777 of the Hebrew calendar we elected a man named Trump into office. His first full day of office he was 70 years, 7 months, and 7 days of age. Our God is the 7 Spirited One (Rev. 4:5) and it is He who has resurrected the United States back into its path of original design. The Nationals’ three colors are red, white, and blue. In the same year that the red, white, and blue New England Patriots won the Super Bowl of American football, the Washington Nationals also finally won their first title. 

Our President Trump trumps a message of patriotism and nationalism. It is “America First”—SO THAT the nations of the world may be blessed as they align with values of liberty and justice for all. America is not the kingdom—BUT United States of America is a gift of God to the nations to lead them out of their hopelessly unending cycles of war and devastation. Without the United States we would all be Third World nations, or worse. The socialist agenda rampant today, that is masquerading as egalitarian, planet-sensitive, and compassionate is actually a Trojan Horse for the three exact opposite realities—despotism, planetary devastation, and a ruthless, anti-humanity agenda. This agenda was about to enslave the last remaining nation capable of heading it off—BUT GOD—in the fullness of 7’s has intervened and changed everything. We are now to STAY IN THE FIGHT until nations walk to the light of God and the whole earth is filled with the knowledge of the glory of God” (Hab. 2:14)—and simultaneously CELEBRATE every minor victory as a kingdom milestone of the ages. It will bear out to be true.

Johnny Enlow

Contact: contact@johnnyandelizabeth.com



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