The Ancient Steps & The Angel Dr Theresa Phillips

"The Vision And Hope"...

I was in prayer this am. Diligently pursuing His Presence for the day...

I encountered a place where I have been before...This was a familiar place for me.

I have seen these ancient steps... Again I waited

In a few moments, Eternity Invaded Time.

My time frame.

A soft billowy fabric was moving closer toward me.

I was near the bottom step I could smell the fragrance of roses.

Was I about to see Him? What was this fabric? I was holding my breath ...

Then, the fabric came closer it was like a sheer curtain.

I waited.....

Horns started to blast Shofars Trumpets.

Many horns blasting YET, they were harmonious.

Was it the entrance of the King?

My heart beating fast with fear and excitement!

Down the steps came a child-like creature, carrying a scroll.

The Scroll hand blue tassels on each end...

Only that presence knew what was written on the scroll.

After him came a woman carrying a long quill.

A writer's quill.

I knew a decree had been made.

This woman has long silver hair threaded with scarlet ribbons holding it in place.

Her braid was from the top of her head to the bottom of her feet it went down her back to the floor.

She had a scroll in her hand I could see the scroll this one said FAMILY of God.

The horns blasted again, this time, an army of soldiers dressed in silver gilt armor came forth.

They were in one accord each one carrying shield and swords.

On each shield was written the word Family Of God...

I began to weep really weep.

We are on HIS HEART!

Yes, the church is at the heart of GOD!

Then a single horn blasted...

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This army was vast and they were all coming in file, perfect unison.

The sound upon these ancient steps was pure power. A Power that could not be defeated.

I felt safe. I felt confident. I felt loved.

I watched this angelic army move as one.

How long I was there I do not know.

After this army passed I saw another angelic being this one was carrying a bell

He was ringing the bell...

It seemed to me it was like the old town criers... "ALL IS WELL"

I started to sing all is well. All is well with my soul.

Time seemed to stand still... and, I could sense in my spirit.

Is this...A Message Is This The Time? What will be next?

I knew in my heart that Jesus was sending help to us all.. not just any help but HIS help.

I heard very loudly I will never leave you or forsake you YAY!!!

Duet 31: 16 Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you."

I felt assured and knew we have entered a new day!

I began to sing "We are in the army of the Lord"...

Dr. Theresa Phillips


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