'Struggle With Liberty' Rick Joyner

As I was shown in my dream of the coming Second Revolutionary/Civil War, from heaven’s perspective, the main purpose of The American Republic was “LIBERTY.” In the dream this word was in caps, followed by “and justice for all.” As was written in The Declaration of Independence, the “self-evident” truths that mandated this declaration was that “all men are created equal,” that the rights of man came from The Creator, not governments, and that governments derived their authority from the governed, not the other way around.

         Even though The American Republic has yet to walk in the fullness of this vision, to the degree that we have, this was the most revolutionary nation the world had seen since Moses led Israel out of Egypt. The Founders and the documents they authored gave birth to the most free, and ultimately powerful and prosperous, nation that has ever existed. What could we become if we resolved to walk in our full purpose?

         A highway.

         In Isaiah 40, we are told that we prepare the way for The Lord by building a highway. This highway is God’s “higher-way.” It is “the path of the righteous that shines brighter and brighter until the full day” (see Proverbs 4:18). It is the way to increasing strength, prosperity, and light for any nation that becomes a part of it.

         Even though the American Republic has only achieved a fraction of what we are called to be, from heaven’s perspective we have been a light and hope to the nations like no other nation since King David of ancient Israel. It is now time to finish the job and become all that we are called to be.

         This will not be easy, but it will be worth it. In our country, most people use a highway every day. We get on it and zip along at 70 miles an hour, and we may have never given a thought to the hard work and difficulties that had to be overcome to build it. The high places had to be brought down and the low places raised up. They had to be cut through forests, swamps, and rock. Isaiah mentions this in his prophecy. As difficult as it is to build a highway, each one makes it so much easier for everyone else, and opens the way for unprecedented interchange and commerce that benefits all.

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         The American Republic is a nation that is made up of those from all other nations, ethnic groups, and cultures. We are called to be a place where all of these are treated with dignity and respect. We are called to be a nation where there is no racism or bigotry, but everyone is treated equally under the law. To have such character would be our ultimate national treasure and one of the greatest lights to the nations that there could be. Such character in our nation would result in a respect for other nations and cultures that could raise the level of international relations.

         God is The Creator and He loves creativity. Therefore, His unity is a unity of diversity, not a unity of conformity. True unity allows others to be who they are without having to conform to someone else’s ideals. God so loves diversity that He made every snowflake unique, as well as every tree, and even every blade of grass. He made every human being unique. When He made man in His image, it really means that He made mankind in His image. He is so vast and diverse that it takes all of the unique people He has ever made to even begin to express Him. Therefore, we should love, honor, and treasure the uniqueness that every person is, as well as every race, culture, and nation.

          We are told in Scripture that God made the nations and gave them boundaries. He then declared a curse upon any who would move the ancient boundaries. This is because He wants to preserve the uniqueness of every nation. To honor their uniqueness is to honor Him.

         This is why one of the biggest struggles emerging now is between those devoted to liberty and those devoted to conformity. These two are in basic conflict. In the nations, this is known as patriotism versus globalism. The primary forces of globalism are radical Islam and Marxism/Socialism. Both of these seek to conform the world to a narrowly defined conformity that is the ideal of a few, but one that ultimately crushes individuality.


The forces of globalism have a well-defined and effective strategy that has been maturing for centuries. Marxism recently dominated half of the population of the world and seemed to be unstoppable when suddenly its strongest base collapsed. Radical Islam has created a lot of havoc in the world and is now making serious inroads into Europe through population jihad, but it is also suffering many setbacks in its globalist ambitions. Even so, both radical Islam and Marxism have strategies built on the patience of gradual infiltration and advances over decades, if not centuries.

          Now the two main forces of globalism are merging and starting to work together in many ways. This will end up being a greater threat to the world than Communism ever was. At the same time, the forces of liberty that esteem the value and uniqueness of the individual are fractured and poorly defined, with very little cooperation or coordination. However, the forces of

liberty have an unfair advantage—The Captain of the hosts of The Lord is about to take His place at their head. He is The King of kings and The Lord of lords. He can never lose.

Rick Joyner

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