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'Stronger Than Ever 'Dr Lance Wallnau

Dr Lance Wallnau

Have you ever had this experience? A fragile, cherished vessel slips from your hand, crashing to the surface below. You likely have observed your own heart in a similar way after a deep disappointment, loss or betrayal. How can you repair something that’s now scattered about in a million pieces? The world tries super glue, the devil suggests a trash can, but God alone has a way of fixing things so that something greater comes forth. God’s healing power is mirrored in the beautiful art form called “kintsugi,” where broken vessels are repaired with gold in a way that goes beyond repair—and a more beautiful piece is formed. The word “kintsugi” literally means “golden joinery,” and is a perfect picture of what the Spirit of God does when He touches the very area in which the devil seeks to break us. In this ancient Japanese art of repair, the artist does not try to hide the history.

Rather, the history is highlighted with veins of gold, or perhaps silver, thus adding a new dimension to the vessel's value and beauty. This concept is exemplified in the human body as well. When a bone is broken it comes out stronger in the place where the original break was formed. Look at Jeremiah 18, where in the midst of Jeremiah’s frustration with his nation, God reminded the prophet that He alone is the Master Potter and has power to create and recreate when a vessel is marred.

The celebrated 19th century preacher, Charles Spurgeon, once uttered this impromptu prayer: “Lord, You have done more with us than You did with Thomas, for he was told to place his finger into the open wounds in Your hands and side, but You, O Lord God, have done something greater with us, for You placed Your finger into our open wounds and healed them.” Indeed, God puts His finger into the wounds in our life and seals them with gold. In the final hours of Jesus' life, He warned Peter that the enemy sought to sift the young apostle and rob him of his calling. Why did Jesus pray for Peter to come through the ordeal successfully? Why not rather pray that Peter be able to sidestep the sifting in the first place? In some way, the warfare intended to be used by the enemy to break us actually makes us stronger and of greater value! All heroes go on a heroic journey where they engage in a fierce struggle against a worthy opponent, only to become transformed as a result of their conflict. Joseph was made stronger by the ordeal of betrayal, David was fashioned into a commander in the cave of Adulum. The frail Jedi Obi Wan engaged in a lightsaber duel with Darth Vader in order to buy time for the next generation to escape. ”Strike me down,” he warned Vader, “and I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.” Consider this: Given a choice between sparing you temporary discomfort or letting you have a moment's light affliction in exchange for an eternal increase in reward, which would you want Him to choose for you? Is it better to deliver you “from” the process, or deliver you “through” the process? Many times you are delivered from the fire, but when you walk “through” the fire, God declares “I will be with you!” You will come out a winner on the other side, and like Peter, Joseph, and David, the new vessel will be able to contain and reveal a whole new level of glory. God is the ultimate “kintsugi” artist! As One, Lance Wallnau


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The Is a Prayer Guide for all Those in Religious and Civil Duty


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