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Sandie Freed and Laura Prather replay is up on YouTube now

If you missed it?

These Broadcasts are available to you now in Youtube

These ladies sure did have some awesome things to say

Sandi talks about Goliath and some of the warfare tactics we need to do.

It was fantastic and we will have her back on after the holiday to start a series of the Glory yes realms of The Glory!!

We can't wait.

Laura Prather is so awesome She is a voice that need to be listening to.

She is Micro Entrepreneur Master

Sh is sharing valuable nuggets on building and changing you business and mo

PLUS she is LAUNCHING something you might want to be involved with! Watch this video and find out what it is...

Please remember To shop and take 30% off Storewide!!

Jan 6 @ 630 PM CDT We are kicking off the New Year with The Glory Series

Don't Miss this Sign up Now And Why Pink? You will soon know!

The Whole Series is 15.00

Glory Angels Heavenly Encounters and More!

With Guests!!


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