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Riding The Remnants Of Despair Kris Vallotton

Kris Vallotton

Have you experienced a depletion of hope and vision? Have you recognized that you’re not dreaming in excited expectation of what the future will hold? Do you believe that there really might be more for you than you have yet experienced? Over the past couple of years, it seems that due to hardships there’s been an epidemic spreading through the Church of a widespread loss of hope. There’s no doubt that as we look back on the last two years there have been plenty of challenges for us all. And while I might not know specifically what you have walked through, I know that it’s highly unlikely that you’ve walked through the past two years unscathed. I’ve recently been reminded of Ezekiel’s journey from agonizing despair to exhilarating hope. I believe the Lord has a reminder of His goodness in this story for you today. Let’s take a moment to flip to the opening scene of Ezekiel’s divine deployment into the valley of dry bones. When Ezekiel entered the valley of dry bones, the outlook was bleak; death hung over the battlefield like a thick dark cloud of gloom. No sign of life or movement was in sight…bleak and hopelessness brooded over the despair. Then suddenly, God rocked Ezekiel’s world when He asked the prophet a ridiculous question: “Can these bones live?” The great prophet staggered to comprehend the possible outcome of God’s incredible inquiry. Finally, he gathered himself and answered, “You know, Lord.” The rest is history: a mighty army emerged from the valley of dry bones as Ezekiel prophesied life into that graveyard (see Ezekiel 37:1-10). God has more for you than mediocre Christianity or not living in the fullness of hope that was already paid for on the cross; He has a life filled with good and perfect plans for you. Now let me be clear, times of grief can be appropriate and Holy Spirit is the Great Comforter when we’re in that season. But seasons are not meant to last forever and I declare that today any remnants of a season of downtroddenness or depression would be consumed by the warmth of joy and hope in the Holy Spirit.


Today, I’m praying that Father God would begin to restore the joy of your salvation over you as well! At the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry, one of the pillars of our school and core values is God is Good. What does that mean? Regardless of our circumstances or the hopelessness we may feel, we can trust that God is a good Father. Enemies come to steal, kill and destroy, but Jesus came to destroy demonic works and give us abundant life (John 10:10-11). No matter the circumstances that the enemy has meant for harm in the last two years, the Lord can turn to good. The Lord is a Craftsman and a Redeeming Architect, creating beauty from ashes, laying the strong foundation necessary for His co-heirs to stand on, taking each challenge to produce something beautiful, and establishing our royal identity as His sons and daughters. ​​Do you desire to walk in greater depths of your royal identity, develop deeper intimacy with the Lord, and operate in the power of the gifts of the Spirit? You can learn more about Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry here.  Remember, you are a beloved child of God and He is a good Father that has so many good plans for your life!




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