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'Revealing Hope During The COVID-19 Pandemic' Matt Dunn

The times we live in are indeed unprecedented and chaotic. Many around the world are fearful of the restrictions and the chaos that COVID19 has brought. Life has been disrupted for all of us and disappointment abounds. Canceled trips, canceled celebrations, canceled graduations and much more. The revelation of our grief is real, hope can feel hard to come by.

With such global disruption, some have even described these times as ‘apocalyptic’. 

They may be closer to the truth than they realize!

Reframing ‘Apocalypse’: What Revelation Truly Means

Today we use the word ‘apocalyptic’ to describe the idea of ‘the end of the world’, but the original Greek word which gives us our word ‘apocalypse’ is simply translated as ‘revelation’ in our New Testaments. It gives us the title of the last book of the Bible. 

It literally means unveiling or revealing. 

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In that sense, these times are truly apocalyptic.  Many things are being unveiled; we experience revelation right before our very eyes.

The fear in people’s hearts… is being revealed Lack of trust and faith in our leaders… is being revealed Selfishness and self-centeredness… is being revealed Trusting in our own plans… is being revealed The darkness in our hearts… is being revealed A hunger for hope… is being revealed

But this season is also an opportunity for the people of God to pray for a revealing and unveiling of something far more powerful, something far more hopeful.

A Prayer For Hope Through Revelation

Let the steadfast love of God…. be unveiled Let the compassionate love for our neighbor…. be unveiled Let the peace of God that surpasses our understanding… be unveiled Let the light of Christ that shines through his people… be unveiled Let the healing power of Christ… be unveiled Let the wisdom of God… be unveiled Let the mercy of God… be unveiled Let there be an unveiling of hope!

Amen! Let it be!

So I encourage all of you to step into this time not with fear or dread but with a hope that is rooted in the loving kindness of our God and a readiness to be the vessel God uses to answer our prayers,

Peace to you, Pastor Matt Dunn

Associate Pastor

info@hrockchurch.com Harvest Rock church


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