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Raise Your Expectations— For Who Can Stop the Lord Almighty! Kathi Pelton

Since 2020 began and ushered our world into a global crisis, I have watched as many believers have struggled to keep their hopes high and their faith strong. For sure we have all experienced many losses and gone through many trials but God is saying, “RAISE YOUR EXPECTATIONS AND WATCH WHAT I WILL DO!”

I saw expectations lifted up like a banner being raised or flags being flown over lives, homes and cities. It was like a people rising up and taking a stand! I believe that God is calling his people to get up— STAND UP— and make a stand before heaven and earth, before God and all of Hell’s resistance— a stand that says, “Who can stop the Lord Almighty.”

“I, the Lord All-Powerful, have made these plans. No one can stop me now!” Isaiah 14:27

When the Lord purposes (plans, promises) something in your life— nothing can stop him! You may have experienced long delays, seemingly impossible circumstances or great resistance— but it is time to stand up and raise the banner of expectation that declares, “WHO CAN STOP THE LORD ALMIGHTY!”

He is the One who births nations in a day, raises the dead, heals the sick, fill empty jars with oil to pay the debtors, puts life in empty wombs and coins in the mouths of fish. He has not changed! He has not been restricted by any government or man-made policy— HE IS GOD! He is asking his people to shake off the lethargy and unbelief that seeks to steal our joy. It is time to leave the cave, make a stand and raise the banner of great expectation because of “who he is.” Raise it high for all to see!

If you have lost your way or lost your hope, as a corporate family of God, we now call you forth from the grave of disappointment and despair into expectation and confident hope. We call you forth out of the lies that have caused you to see God as distant and “unable” into the posture of declaring, “My God is able to do more than I can ask or imagine!” We, together, call all of those who feel disenfranchised into their legal rights as sons and daughters to believe and even expect the impossible. We say, “You shall see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living!”

He is bowing low to lift you up. He is breathing life, his breath and his very power into you to raise you up once again. It is “by his Spirit” that you will live in joy and hopeful expectations again. Just watch as you leave the cave of disillusionment— watch what your God will do for you!

I don’t know what lies ahead for this world in 2022, but I do know that the purposes he has for you cannot be stopped! There is a reason to have great expectations in this season— it is Jesus! He is God Almighty.

Therefore, I declare over your life, “All that he has planned and proposed for your life WILL be accomplished! Who can stop the Lord Almighty!”




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