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Prophetic Word By Prophet Charlie Shamp

In the early morning hours, as I was in deep prayer, I went into a vision. In this encounter, I found myself being taken through an open door. Suddenly, I was standing in the mouth of the Lord.

As I looked, I saw many who considered themselves to be born-again Christians committing heartbreaking acts of sin.

There was a lethargic and apathetic sense and feeling as they were simply going through the motions of religious life. They knew that they were backslidden but believed that they were justified in living any way they wanted by a twisted teaching of grace.

I saw preachers who were fully compromised in their lives, indulging themselves in darkness and making light of holiness. I heard the Lord say, "Because they have rejected John 3:16, they will be given Revelation 3:16." I saw a sword begin to remove the compromised from the mouth of the Lord, and they were cast into utter darkness.

I came out of the vision greatly shaken by what I had seen. The spirit of the fear of the Lord gripped me, and I wept at what is coming. God is separating the holy from the profane, the consecrated from the compromised, the burning from the backslidden.

-Prophet Charlie Shamp


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