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'Prepared And Ready' Garris Elkins

Last year, we had a prolonged power outage in our area. It went on for almost two days. As you can imagine, our refrigerators and freezers would begin to warm threatening our food supply.

By the time the outage occurred, Jan and I had already purchased a small Honda generator. In the middle of the first night of the outage, I started our generator and recharged our units.

When I stood on our porch in the middle of the night getting ready to start our generator, I heard other generators already working across town.

It was a chorus of preparation. 

After that outage, I began to wonder how I would power my gas generator if a prolonged power outage should occur. If electricity was no longer available to power the electric pump at my local gas station we would be in a world of hurt.

A prolonged outage would leave us stranded with a useless gas generator. Considering such a prolonged power outage, we also purchased a solar generator.

In the Spirit, I am hearing the sounds of an awakening taking place across America. It was like the nighttime of our power outage when I walked outside into the night to start my generator and heard other generators beginning to power up. Being able to start my generator had a spiritual component.

Jan and I realize now more than ever that we need need to be spiritually prepared to survive what is coming. Even the smallest adjustments in our attitudes toward each other and other people are critical parts of our preparation.

Any distance from God’s truth must be challenged.

This is a critical time to reassess the state of our spiritual lives. To be unprepared will leave us alone and without hope relying on our power to spiritually survive.

Not being prepared will put our families and friends in jeopardy when they need us the most.

Being prepared and ready is a repeated theme in Scripture. To be alive in Christ and listening and responding to the voice of the Spirit is our most significant preparation.

“Be ready and keep ready, you and all your hosts that are assembled around you, and be a guard for them” (Ezekiel 38:7).

Garris Elkins


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