'Piecing Together The Situation' Taffie Beisecker

Updated: Mar 23

As many others have, I too have been asking the Lord what the truth is regarding the Coronavirus and what His insights and instructions are for us. I cannot say that I have been given a play by play revelation, or even one that I fully understand but I have been given a portion of insight that I feel highly prompted by the Holy Spirit to share with whomever may be led to receive.

First, I’d like to bring clarity to a few misconceptions that I see running through social media threads. There have been several prophetic words sent out by high profile ministries. I have not read all of them, as I try not to read too much until I hear for myself from the Lord first and foremost, other than the ones I am prompted to read by the Holy Spirit. What I have seen are several words that seem to contradict one another and therefore people are debating who is right and who is wrong in what they’re hearing.

Let’s be reminded that we are each a member of an entire Body. This Body is designed to work together in one accord and not independently as a separate unit from the rest. Therefore, we each get pieces that are designed to fit together with the other pieces being received by the other members. These pieces of the picture united together provide us wholeness rather than imbalance and lack. So, for the words coming forth that are speaking only of good and wonderful things, that’s not the whole picture of what’s taking place. As well as, the words coming forth that are only speaking of trial and tribulation, neither is that the whole picture.

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There will always be a measure of balance. Have you ever known of merely perfection being the constant within this world and our lives? Even Heaven had war within itself for a time. The Light overcomes the darkness, Yes! But there is still the presence of darkness to overcome which means amidst the promises, there are battles to be won.

I’m in no way trying to bring negativity but I am trying to bring truth. As Believers we can all too easily fall into the snare of pride and call it faith. Or, because we know without a doubt we have heard from the Lord, (and we have) but forget that we only have a portion of the whole picture and call what we’ve heard doctrine/law, so to speak.

We have amazing promises that I wholly believe we are to receive and have the victory in, but I also believe the words being spoken of trials and preparation. To take one without the other is foolishness.

It is not a lack of faith to understand that while here on earth we will walk through some trying and difficult times and neither it is a lack of faith to understand God will warn us ahead of time about these things to come so that we may be fully prepared and not caught off guard. In fact, it is wisdom to prepare in a healthy balanced way. Fear is not of the Holy Spirit and is not the manner of preparation that I am speaking of. Think of it this way, we need not be afraid (but we do need to be respectful of its potential) of the water (ocean) but when its temperatures are deadly, it’s not wisdom to dive in unprotected and go for a leisurely swim. Rather, we take the precautionary measures to insure we are entering into it with protective gear on and the oxygen we need to survive for the time we’ll be within its confinements. That manner of preparation is not fear nor lack of faith, it’s wisdom. If you tell me that God has spoken to you and tells you to dive in without any measure of protection then, by all means have at it, but please don’t expect me to do the same on the word that you say you heard, but I have not. In the same effect, please do not expect every other person, or ministry, etc., to follow the same instructions that you have been given, but they have not heard the same for themselves.

The Holy Spirit spoke to me while seeking His direction on this matter and this is what I heard, "Be (do) as according to your faith". What does that mean? That means there is no one right answer for everyone. It means that we are individuals and although one person may be led by the Holy Spirit to stay in quarantine, another person may genuinely be led by the Holy Spirit to go to church gatherings or a conference or possibly make their rounds to houses praying for people. It means one Minister may feel the prompting to cancel all their scheduled meetings while another may feel the prompting to continue all meetings as originally planned. (Please do not misunderstand, I am not encouraging anyone to go against what their Officials are mandating for their locality. If your area has you on lockdown, then by all means, oblige.)

So, what's the right answer? Be wise according to the health expert’s advice and in so doing also be sensitive to what the Holy Spirit is speaking to you as the individual whom you are and in your unique purpose.

God does direct His people to prepare; Joseph & Noah are two prime examples. On the flip side, He told the Israelites in exile not to gather anymore for themselves than what they needed for that present day. Maybe that’s a great example for us to gather only what we need for this time of quarantine and not beyond so there’s plenty for everyone as needed.

Be prepared in faith, knowing God is going to supply our protection and whatever we cannot do for ourselves in the natural, He will provide.

As tensions become high, this could become the perfect set up to throw stones at one another because 'God told me to do it this way but that person over there is doing it the exact opposite.' Or, it could be the perfect set up to trust God bigger than we've ever trusted Him before and allow ourselves as well as, our fellow man to be led by the Holy Spirit according to each one's faith and individual circumstances as He sees best for them and us rather than what we perceive is best in our limited understanding. This is a time when we should be drawing together in a greater unity which will also bring us into a greater strength as His Body. Let’s not be attacking one another with words of condemnation because we believe the other person’s faith isn’t as strong as what we’re walking in, or maybe because someone else has a different viewpoint on the times and season we’re in. What if, they’re correct and we’ve misunderstood because of strong mindsets? How great then is our testimony to those who have been watching and listening? Let’s be sure to exhibit the true nature of Christ in our conversations, which includes grace and patience and, LOVE above all else.

As far as this moment of time we are currently finding ourselves in, I am strongly being nudged by the Holy Spirit to share with you the few words He has spoken to me as insight. I by no means, have a clear knowing of the entirety of what is taking place. I do have my own beliefs formed from what the Lord has said to me and some of what I believe I discern but I will try to the best of my ability to limit what I share to what He has specifically spoken to me and you may come to your own conclusions with Him being your inspiration for truth. My own personal conclusions may or may not be accurate because, no matter who is delivering the word of insight, we all have only a partial view.

The Lord has spoken these words to me as I’ve been listening to hear His voice in this matter; “engineered”, “man-made”, “intentional”, “test run for both side of the coin”, “more than what meets the eye”.

What I do have a stirring in my spirit to share with you of my own discernment is, I believe this is going to be short-lived (although I don’t know for sure what defines ‘short lived’ necessarily, a few weeks? A few months?) but there is a time to come that will be a longer duration of what we are presently experiencing with a bit more intensity.

No fear - simply love, listen to His Spirit step by step. His instructions might be different for each day and that's alright. And, last but definitely not least, obey what He says to YOU.


Taffie Beisecker




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