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'Opportunities Overlooked for Years are Hidden Right in Front of you' Dave Yarnes

There is something about the illusion of life that says that the right starting point for change is somewhere ahead, not in the present hour.

This illusion says that the starting point will be “When the kids are out of school” or “After I land this new position” or “When I retire” or “After I finish college.” The list goes on. However, the discovery of a lifetime is not far away in some vague place. The allure of a better starting point in the future is an illusion. You have today. Most of the time, what you need is right in front of you. Time and time again, men and women feel they must leave everything and seek their fortune somewhere other than where they live, work, and play. They think it is impossible for their success to be close and obtainable. Are you like these, convinced that success lies elsewhere? Are you struggling to see that the thing you have longed to uncover is within reach? I challenge you to reexamine your life and see the potential resources right at hand. Planning your passion necessitates a starting point that is always right where you’re standing today. Unimaginable discoveries are waiting for you, right under your feet. Your life, your character, your personality, your passion, and your skills are unique and fit perfectly together, like a key in a lock. The experiences, richness, and quality of life that you have been seeking can start to unfold right from where you are now. A Eureka Moment is the moment when a specific topic, thought, or idea causes an instantaneous revelation and change. The Eureka Moment changes you positively for life. It can’t be unlearned. It is the catalyst that brings you to a moment of understanding that then releases true revelation. It creates a much-needed paradigm shift that alters the way you view the world for the remainder of your existence. As you look at your life, ask God to give you that Eureka Moment. God Bless, Dave Yarnes


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