'Open Vision: Comforting Mothers Who've Lost Babies' Catherine Brown

"Open Vision: Comforting Mothers Who've Lost Babies by Miscarriage or Abortion"

"'Has not My hand made all these things, and so they came into being?' declares the LORD. 'These are the ones I look on with favor: those who are humble and contrite in spirit, and who tremble at My word.'" (Isaiah 66:2)

I was looking at a news article some weeks ago, which focused on women suffering from miscarriage. The image attached to the article was that of an outstretched human hand with a butterfly sitting on it.

The article took me down 'memory lane,' and I thought about the tiny baby girl that I miscarried some years ago when I was around 13/14 weeks pregnant. At the same time as I was reflecting on this, I also thanked God for the four, beautiful, grown up children I now have. Still, I will never forget that tiny baby girl, whom I believe is with the Lord. When I miscarried, my mum bought me an ornament to remember my baby with – it was an exquisite porcelain butterfly, which I treasured until I gave it away some years later, when the Lord asked me to comfort another woman passing through a difficult time.

An Open Vision of Christ

As I was pondering all of this in prayer, I suddenly found myself experiencing an open vision. I saw the Lord Jesus Christ with millions of butterflies of every shape, size and color around Him. He smiled, and the sun shone like a golden cloud while the butterflies hovered around Him. The Lord stretched out His hand, and a butterfly came and rested on the Master's open palm.

Then something so amazing happened which took my breath away. The butterfly turned into a baby in the hand of God. It was a tiny child, held in His hand. Miraculously, the tiny baby developed and grew in His hand, and when the child was strong enough, the Lord released the child, and the child ran into the garden in Heaven to play. The joy in the Lord's face is difficult to describe. The deep and abiding love of our Father was so evident in the eyes of Christ.

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One by one, each butterfly came to sit on the Master's open palm, and there each one experienced the same tender loving care and transformation. Soon the garden was filled with the sound of children's laughter, as little boys and girls ran around playing. It was a scene of absolute joy, and my heart was full to overflowing as I witnessed how Christ took care of these little ones in His charge. More and more children filled the garden, running, playing, singing and laughing. A gentle breeze blew amidst the delighted squeals of these precious children. It was an exquisite and tender picture of happiness in the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ.

A Different Vision

The vision changed and I was no longer witnessing the happy scene in Heaven; now the vision revealed multiple images of women all around the world – some were alone in bathrooms, as they cried out in total grief during a miscarriage; another woman awakened from sleep in her bed at home to blood-stained sheets, her heart broken as she realized she was losing her baby. I saw another young lady on a bus weeping silently as she bled. The women in the vision were women of all ages and from every culture, and they were women in the deepest pain.

The vision changed again to women on operating tables and women in back alleys, and I knew that I was now witnessing images of abortion. There was so much blood and so much pain.

Christ in the Midst

In the midst of all of this suffering, Christ came to comfort broken hearted mothers, along with some fathers too.

Additionally, I witnessed holy fire fall upon tables where abortions had taken place. The operating tables of abortionists were literally burning in the vision.

As the vision drew to a conclusion, I noticed that a butterfly left the earth each time a baby died in utero, whether due to miscarriage or to abortion.

Of course, babies are not butterflies. The butterfly is merely a symbolic image within the vision, which represents the soul of the child rising God-ward. The butterfly is also an image of transformation, and the first part of this vision correlates with that concept – the transformative power of the love of God.

Every Baby Matters

I realize that this vision is an extremely emotive topic, and I have waited some time before releasing it into the public domain. Some people may find it difficult to read this article, because it has two ends of a spectrum in its imagery – those who lost a child through no fault of their own and miscarried, or had a child still born or their baby died through a tragic accident or illness; and those who chose to end the life of a child through abortion. 

As a minister, it is my job to care for people and to counsel them as God gives grace and wisdom and love. I have ministered to so many people over the years, and to so many women. I understand how painful it can be to lose a much loved child. I think of precious women I have ministered to over the past three decades. Each story is heartbreaking but in it all Jesus Christ can bring hope and healing. He heals broken hearts; He heals barrenness; He gives life in the womb; He is full of grace and mercy.

Life is a gift from God and I do not believe that anyone should take the life of another. What the vision shows is that God is sovereign over all, and He ministers to the broken hearted and brings transformation in our suffering. The God I serve, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, cares about every child – EVERY BABY MATTERS. To know your child is safe in the hands of God is a mighty blessing.

It is my hope and my prayer that this article will reach mothers (and fathers) who have suffered the loss of a child in miscarriage, still birth or the tragic death of an infant, and bring healing to their broken hearts. I decree hope, healing and fruitfulness of the womb in Jesus' mighty name. I speak a blessing over families in the name of Christ. Amen.

It is my hope and my prayer that this article will also stop even one woman from making the devastating decision to end her baby's life, through abortion.

I pray protection over the lives of unborn babies at risk from abortion, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. I pray for grace for women who are pregnant because they have been raped, and grace for women who are pregnant, whose health may be at risk because of pregnancy; I command the healing power of Jesus Christ to transform your circumstances and to bless you and your child. What the devil meant for evil, God will turn around for His good, in the name of Jesus Christ the Lord. Amen.

Catherine Brown Founder/International Director, Gatekeepers Global Ministries  admin@gatekeepers.org.uk  www.gatekeepers.org.uk


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