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'No Government in This Age Is Perfect ' Rick Joyner

It is understandable that many would look toward a revolutionary/civil war with great dread. No war is desirable, but revolutions and civil wars are the most difficult conflicts a nation can endure. Even so, with foreknowledge, preparation, and good leadership, the positives to come from this will far outweigh the bad. Not only will we have our constitutional republic restored, but we will have a new and exciting vision for the future.

         This vision for our future must be moored to clear and noble foundations and a purpose. Our clear and noble foundations are not necessarily found in our history—they are not so much what we have been as what we were intended to be, from heaven’s perspective. The heavenly vision was encoded in our founding documents, and many of the Founders held a resolute devotion to follow this great purpose. However, politics, the primary enemy that so often usurps leadership and distracts from noble causes, sidetracked many of the key elements of the heavenly purpose.

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         This does not mean that we should not celebrate the good things that were accomplished, but politics is an enemy of every divine purpose. Politics is the attempt to build on earthly human alliances rather than on simple obedience to the goals and purposes given to us from above. What is built on human alliances will always end up getting bogged down, ultimately becoming one more disappointing tower of Babel that scatters and divides the people instead of uniting them and building a lasting city. There is only one lasting city being built, and God is its Architect and Builder. The best human motives and plans will always fall short of this.

         There is a profound difference between a leader and a politician. Our country was never designed to be led by a professional political class, but rather by leaders who are moored to the great principles articulated in our founding documents and who resolutely adhere to them because of their moral and principled core. For us to get back on track to accomplishing our national purpose, professional politicians must become an extinct species in our country.


We may think that being a democracy, we must build on human alliances. We must cast off this deception. We are not a democracy, but a constitutional republic. Our Founders were resolute in declaring that we are not a democracy, and they greatly feared the tendency of some to want to become one. As John Adams stated, “A democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for lunch.”

         The Founders noted that no attempted democracy in history lasted more than a few years because they tore themselves apart. Public opinion is a fragile and easily manipulated foundation to build anything of substance on, especially a government. The same crowd that declared “Hosanna” to The Lord when He entered Jerusalem cried “Crucify Him!” just five days later. The whiplash of attempted democracies have created more chaos, and ultimately led to more tyranny, than just about any other human folly.

         The Founders had the French Revolution as a poignant example of this in their time. In contrast, they sought to lay out a government built on core principles and values that would protect the people’s liberty from the potential tyranny of their own government, including mob tendencies if this government became subject to the passions of human whim and selfish desire. 

          No government in this age will be perfect. Even the most perfect form of government will end up being bad government if we do not have good people leading it. The constitutional republic established for the United States of America was by far the most brilliant and noble government established on the earth. However, bad influences and tendencies quickly got into it through the open gate of human politics. These began to divert it from what it was supposed to be and do.

         Even though our government never adhered to more than part of what it was called to be and do, it became the most remarkable and liberating government on earth. It has also been the most stable since its founding. It has been rocked back and forth on its rails by the evils it opened itself up to through the politics of selfish interests. Every time it seemed that it was about to tip over and be a devastating train wreck, it would somehow survive and stay upright for a little longer, even if it continually tottered and remained close to derailing.  

         Now our government is tottering more than it has in over a century and a half, and it is going to jump the rails. This will ignite the coming second American Revolutionary/Civil War. For a time, it will appear impossible to ever get it back on the rails and moving again, but it will. Through this ultimate crisis, we will deal with some ultimate issues that will lead to a recovery of our ultimate purpose. When re-established back on the rails, there will be stability and an ability to resist the forces that have continually tried to push us off to the right or the left. Then we will be able to move forward with unprecedented confidence and ease.

         Now is the time to understand how this will happen and start preparing to be a part of the new breed of leadership that will soon appear to recover our vision and purpose, and have the wisdom to accomplish it. Regardless of how dark it may get for a time, our greatest times are in our future.

Rick Joyner





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