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NEWS! Parents Are Finally Pushing Back Against Drag Queen Story Hour Photo Photo

(LifeSiteNews) – When Pride Month kicked off in Dallas, Texas with an event titled “Drag your kids to Pride,” which featured provocatively-clad drag queens strutting their stuff for children, something unexpected happened.

Over the past few years, these drag shows targeted at children have, unfortunately, become something of a norm—in fact, Drag Queen Storytime has triggered an entire discussion on the Right about how conservatives should be responding to the growing tidal wave of cultural perversion. What was unexpected was the fact that people started pushing back.

“Who brought the pedophile?” one of the men can be heard asking. “Who brought the pedophile? We want to know?” One of the organizers responds: “This story-time is actually for children…” and the man interrupts here: “Then why is the pedophile here?”

The other man then states that they have seen video online of the drag queen sitting at the front of the room “saying what he wants to do to children.” Library staff and parents seem at a loss for what to do while the two protestors continue to state that they have seen that drag queen online stating attraction for children.

The drag queen then leaves the room while the two men get into a shouting altercation with parents, calling them “sick.” One of them pulls out his phone and shows a shocked parent what he says is a video of the drag queen in question rapping a song that includes sexualized lines about kids. The police are called, and presumably the two protestors were removed.

There is much about this that we don’t know, so I don’t want to jump to conclusions without the full facts. The two protestors at several points shout words that should not be used in front of children, which undermines their message.

I think there is certainly a legitimate case to be made for protesting these events; these protests should always be carried out in a calm and effective way. These protestors appear to have let their (seemingly justified) passion get the better of them, and the scene did deteriorate.

If the videos they found online of the drag queen reading to children did show what they say they did — and frankly, there’s no reason to believe that they didn’t — this is understandable but still regrettable.

I say this because we appear to be at an inflection point where parents are pushing back, governors are considering legislation to protect kids, online activists like Libs of TikTok are driving a massive awareness of what has been going on quietly for years and getting events cancelled simply by publicizing them, and a discussion about the sexualization of children by the LGBT movement is happening loudly and publicly.

Incredibly effective public activism, grassroots organizing, and political action are unfolding—and it is important that those seeking to protest such events don’t derail those efforts by handing the other side videos of cursing, threatening, or other untoward behavior. This is a very winnable cause. Let’s not screw it up.


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