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NEWS! Leftist media attacks Mike Johnson for being a Christian father who rejects pornography

(LifeSiteNews) — The media reports about Speaker of the House Mike Johnson using an internet monitoring software to hold himself accountable to his son and vice versa shows a bias against parents and religious values.

A clip from a Christian conference in 2022 began circulating on October 31. It showed Mike Johnson speaking about his family’s use of Covenant Eyes, which sends reports on internet usage to an accountability partner. The Christian program is a popular way to fight pornography usage.

The mainstream media did not see it that way.

“Mike Johnson and His Son Monitoring Each Other’s Porn Intake is Worse Than You Think,” the New Republic wrote in its headline.

“The House speaker admitted to a wild new detail about his personal life. And it’s a bigger deal than it seems,” the New Republic claimed. The far-left publication also alleged that Johnson had “unusual porn habits” and wrote, “the newly minted speaker admitted that he and his son monitor each other’s porn intake.” The false image the publication seems to want to produce is that the Republican politician was looking at the same pornography as his son. But as the article noted, Johnson said his son had a “clean slate,” meaning there were no reports of inappropriate content sent to Johnson.

Rolling Stone said, “Mike Johnson Admits He and His Son Monitor Each Other’s Porn Intake in Resurfaced Video,” again using language as if Johnson was caught doing something wrong.

But he did not do anything wrong.

He was being a good father who held himself accountable to his son and monitored his son’s social media use. That the Rolling Stone would misrepresent a situation is not surprising, since it infamously published a lengthy story about an alleged rape at the University of Virginia. The story was so incredibly flawed it had to be withdrawn. One day, the publication will learn its lesson and hire a good editor.

Both men and women, starting at a young age, are watching pornography and becoming addicted. The use of pornography is not only sinful, but it also contributes to depression and other disorders and degrades the dignity of men and women.

The publications, echoing claims from left-wing X user “Receipt Maven,” claimed that Johnson’s use of the app also posed a “national security risk,” based on the assumption that the app would be logging any sensitive government material he was reading. It is not.

Their allegations might be taken more seriously if at least one of the publications, New Republic, had not tried to downplay the significance of Hunter Biden’s laptop, which contains emails pointing to proof the entire family is involved in extensive foreign investments and other shady activities.

Pornography is harmful, and a good way to stop addictions and vices is to have someone holding you accountable. It is why Alcoholics Anonymous and other similar groups have sponsors. It is why support groups work. It is why finance experts like Dave Ramsey encourage people who are trying to budget and pay off debt to have their own accountability buddies.

What is really at issue here for the liberal media is that a conservative Christian who at least appears to be less Establishment than prior Republican speakers has ascended to one of the most powerful positions in government. Expect more unfair attacks to come against Speaker Johnson as long as he continues to be an outspoken Christian conservative and pushes a socially conservative agenda.



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