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'Morning Rundown: Are We Entering a Leviticus 26 Era?' Perry Stone Video

9:30AM EST 1/11/2024 ABBY TRIVETT

Is the ongoing war in Israel a sign of the coming end times? Could it be considered an apocalyptic event?

In a new message on YouTube, Perry Stone is discussing in depth how this current war has all of the signs of an end times event.

"The mother of all battles is called Armageddon," Stone said. "So, what is happening in the Middle East, especially with Israel and the situation in the Gaza Strip, many people believe that this is the beginning of what we will see in the next few months or years that will climax into what we call the apocalyptic wars that are alluded to in Bible prophecy."

Stone believes that this particular war going on in Israel has "every characteristic of being prophetic." Stone gave the Bible specifications about what we can expect to see when apocalyptic wars come about, particularly from the books of Zechariah, Daniel, Ezekiel and Revelation.

"There's a war in the book of Psalms with a series of nations," Stone said. "There is a war called the Gog-Magog War, which is Islamic nations forming a coalition that come against the nation of Israel in the Golan Heights and also on the east side of the Jordan River...and that is a war which is predicted to take place in the latter days, and of course at the end of the seven-year tribulation is the Great Tribulation War called Armageddon."

Stone also shared how Revelation gives key verses for what end times battles will look like in regards to the Holy Land. Revelation 16:12 says: "the kings of the East will cross the Euphrates River toward the Holy Land," Revelation 13:4 discusses the Antichrist and his armies, and Revelation 12:17 talks about war against a woman, which symbolizes Israel. Revelation 18:10 mentions destruction of Babylon, and chapter 13 verse 7 says there will be a war against the saints while Revelation 17:14 says how war will even be waged against the Lamb, but He will prevail.

"What we're seeing could eventually lead to a major war, World War III in the Middle East, but when we stick to what we see in the apocalyptic Scriptures, it's very clear that there will be different wars in different locations at the time of the end," Stone said.

Another thing we have to understand about the coming end of time wars is how some wars are wars of prophecy, which Scripture reveals to us.

"When World War II took place, and when Germany became involved under Hitler and the Nazis of trying to take over most of Europe, that war, when it concluded led to the reestablishment of Israel as a nation and a homeland for the Jewish people. There is always a major outcome in every prophetic war," Stone said.

The Battle of Armageddon, as Stone said, will be the moment when Jesus Christ will come with the armies of heaven. This will also usher in Jesus' rule and reign on earth for a thousand years.

"Always remember this: That every major war of prophecy has a positive prophetic outcome in the eyes of God," Stone said.

While we can expect that many wars have and will continue to take place, we can know that God sees each of them, and even in the middle of loss and heartbreak, He is still sovereign through it all.

Perry Stone


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