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The Minnesota Human Rights Department recently announced to Christian filmmakers from St. Cloud MN, Carl and Angel Larson, that “state law requires them to create films celebrating same-sex marriages if they create film celebrating marriage between a man and a woman”, explained by Alliance Defending Freedom attorney, Jeremy Tedesco.

He continued, “and that’s something that violates Carl and Angel’s beliefs – they can’t tell those stories.”

It is a law that has “criminal penalties… fines and even jail time”

Making it impossible to create the types of films that they feel called to, the Larsens, owners of Telescope Media Group, decided to file a lawsuit against the court to reinstate “free speech and free exercise of religion claims” back into Minnesota law.

After fighting and bringing their case to court, the court decided to reinstate the free speech and free exercise of religion claims of the lawsuit, winning the freedom of speech and expression for everyone. The Larsons won! But so did every creative person in Minnesota…

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After it was passed, the court stated that they “should not have dismissed a lawsuit challenging Minnesota’s claim that it can control artistic expression by forcing creative professionals, including a pair of Minnesota filmmakers, to produce custom work promoting messages that contradict their core beliefs.”

In defense of the Larsons and in the belief of freedom of speech and of personal expression, attorney Jeremy Tedesco stated that, “All creative professionals should be free to create art consistent with their convictions without the threat of government punishment.”

Our freedom of speech

This is a testimony of paying attention to the state of our country and fighting for freedom. It is within our rights as Americans to have freedom of speech, religious or not.

Because of people like the Larsons, we see that the American people have a voice and have the ability to shift legislation for the good, no matter how tough the fight.

Source and feature image from adflegal.org


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