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Live Broadcast With Laura Prather The “MICRO” ENTREPRENEUR

When it comes to pursuing a business idea, my motto is, “Why Not?”. My “Why Not?” supported me in the years I was a single mother, allowed us to live and travel in an RV for a season, gave me the experience of owning a western chic women’s boutique in downtown Colorado Springs, Let me write copy for all kinds of different businesses, work with nonprofits, created a fun vintage typewriter business for my husband and I to do together (which has produced far more than we ever imagined), and enabled me to develop a way to express my passions – write, collaborate, and be creative – via my latest venture, Paola Lane.

Opportunities are seen everywhere and if I had unlimited time and finances, I’d probably pursue every idea I have.

But…that’s not possible, so I help others to pursue their ideas and dreams, and I love it.

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