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Live Broadcast With Dr Cheryl Ann Needham Jan 24 & PM CDT (Prophecy)

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Learn how to partner with God's purpose through the economic shakings ahead. Plus! Hear a 5-stage prophecy leading to the millennium Kingdom. You don't want to miss this Prophetic Alert Broadcast!

Partnering with God's Purpose through Economic Shakings

5-Stage Prophecy Leading to the Millennium Kingdom

Economic Tsunami Prophecy: God or the Devil


About Dr. Cheryl Ann Needham

Dr. Cheryl-Ann Needham is a Prophet, Business Strategist, Coach, and author of Sound Alignment 2.0. Her clients have been spared over $52 million from mistakes through accurate business intelligence and prophetic warnings. Cheryl-Ann is the founder of Be the Remnant, a ministry dedicated to preparing the Bride for the return of Christ.



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