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'Law Or Grace' Yolanda Ballard

He who enters The Kingdom of God must remain Holy, as He is Holy.

Remain set apart from the world and its ways.

Pagan practices have become a way of life, even in The Church. They have come into The Church as a way of life, because that is what they have been taught. It has become second nature, the only way they know.

When you begin to learn the Truth, it seems Greek to you, unnatural and unresponsive.

Because it is unnatural to most, you turn back to what is comfortable rather than pressing in through the transition to where the Truth becomes natural.

No one wants to be in a place that feels uncomfortable, set apart as strange, but didn’t God say that we would be a peculiar people, those that are different from the world?

Let your Light shine, not that it becomes blinding, but that it becomes like a Light Tower, guiding one through the storm towards His peace and safety.

Do not hide your Light underneath a bushel but allow all to see for He is The Way, The Light and The Truth.

You cannot push your Light, your personal convictions from God, unto another.

Your Light is what Jesus has revealed to you alone, His personal walk for you.

When one tries to push it upon another, it becomes law and not grace or legalism and mostly these convictions aren’t from God at all.

True convictions from God are personal, and intimate and not to be pushed upon another. They are holy!

Yolanda Ballard


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