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Kingdom! Rick Joyner

As previously mentioned, to comprehend how the kingdom of God is coming, we must remember what Jesus said in Luke 17:20-21: “The kingdom of God is not coming with outward signs to be observed…. The kingdom of God is within you.” The kingdom of God will come in the hearts of people before it physically comes. Evidence of this and how it is already happening was recently uncovered.

Our MorningStar board member and friend Marc Nuttle commissioned possibly the most extensive study of the American people ever. It went deeper and wider than any previous, known research. Its findings were more than surprising and shocking to those who have seen them. Instead of revealing the American people have turned hard Left toward socialism, as the media portrays, it revealed the opposite. A decisive majority of Americans have turned back to traditional, biblical morals and values.

Most do not know these values are based on biblical standards, yet they are so committed to them that most said they were willing to die for these values. This shift has happened across the diverse spectrum of people groups in America, including those who are still far Left politically. This study also revealed that most Americans have become resistant to the authoritarian methods our government has been imposing and have resolved to be freed from them.

Almost no one saw this coming because it is happening deep within the American people. Is this not what Jesus spoke of when He said “the kingdom of God” was coming “within” us? In fact, many—or perhaps most—who have been turning resolutely back to traditional, “kingdom” values don’t even know that many others have also. They feel alone and isolated in what they believe, yet their depth of commitment to these values is rarely seen. All of this points to coming change.

And now that we know what to look for, we can see the signs of this profound shift, which is not only in America but also in many nations around the world. This did not come with outward signs because it is a work of the Holy Spirit, though few yet realize this. When the Spirit moves, He begins by making changes from the inside out. This is happening now.

The America’s Values Study revealed some reasons for this turn back to conservative morals and values. One major reason is a reaction to the immoral, authoritarian, and socialist agendas which many of our government leaders have tried to impose on Americans. Parents have especially become outraged by the perversion and indoctrination being forced on their children in public schools. This outrage is increasing.

This powerful movement is outside what we would normally call “a move of the Spirit,” like revivals and salvations, yet every move of the Spirit is unique, and this one is truly unique. We must never forget we serve a Creator who so loves creativity He makes every snowflake, tree, leaf, and human different.

Since this unfolding move of God is vastly different from any prior move of God, we must understand it to be a part of it. This we will seek to do in the coming weeks.

Rick Joyner



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