'Jesus the Politician' Adam Becker

There are many good things done by the government today.  It’s a fact that things come by government and lives are affected by government. Some believe even the earth can be saved by the government.  Is it any wonder that Christianity has become so politicized? 

 Looking around it is clear that Christianity has become very much involved in politics in the United States, as a matter of fact, there is one political party that has become the Christian party and if you don’t vote their way some say you are in sin.  But is there really one party that could rightly be the party of Jesus?  If Christ were here what would he have to say about politics?

 Would Jesus be a republican or democrat? Certain people say it's about the lesser of two evils, but should you really be for a lesser evil?  We are not to be for evil at all!

  I can honestly say I don’t know for sure what party Jesus would vote for.  We think we know because one is labeled far left and one far-right. 

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 Many would say Jesus would be conservative and maybe even carry a gun.  But would he really?  There are good things about both parties, the left certainly has the helping the poor thing down and the right has religion, but I can’t honestly say that either party represents the whole of what Christianity is about and both parties have their downsides.  In Christ's time, He could have gotten involved with politics whether it be Roman politics or Jewish religious politics and He chose not to.  He said we are to be in this world and not off it.  He said this world is not our home. 

 Jesus wasn’t about changing things through government laws and policies He was about changing things with love.  Jesus was about his own kingdom which is within every believer to be manifested in the lives we touch.  We are to change the world through love one person at a time. 


 I think Christians that get too engulfed in politics are not spiritually healthy.  The church thinks that we can influence or force religion on everyone with the government, but we can’t.  Love isn’t supposed to be given out with force but as a gift.  We shouldn’t want to make America one big church where people have no choice but to become a member. God wants people to have free will to love Him not to be forced. 

 Christ was not a politician and we should not look to politics to spread Christianity or a religious agenda.  The early church was hated by the religious government of the Jews and the Romans, yet it spread, and the kingdom was manifested on earth.  2000 years later it's still going strong. 

 Jesus the politician does not exist, but Jesus out savior does.  So many people are sick of Christ being thrown into politics when he shouldn’t be and people forcing politics on our faith.  A vote for a certain party does not equal a vote for Christ but loving our neighbor does.  Choose love and don’t get lost in political strife. 



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