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'Jesus made it possible for us to be delivered from the sin nature' Dave Yarnes

You might say, “I don’t see that deliverance at work—I see the opposite.” I would ask, “Have you received it by faith? Have you made it yours personally?” Have you cried out, “God, thank You for making provision for deliverance from the power of sin by including me in the crucifixion of Jesus?”

Here is the beginning of the rest of our existence. Now the Scriptures come alive: “Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature; the old things passed away; behold, new things have come” (II Corinthians 5:17). The essence of that Scripture is now our experience if we contract it into our lives by faith. We are not to withstand the power of sin in our own strength. Rather, we recognize that it is through God’s provision that we are a new creature.

We used to lose the battle when the enemy would entice us to sin and we would follow him. After committing acts contrary to God, our conscience was pricked. We would ask for the blood of Jesus to cleanse us over and over, vowing to withstand more ardently next time. Now through the glorious provision of God received by faith, we realize that our defense is to simply live a new life by faith so that when temptation comes, we simply say that the person sin is looking for is no longer alive.

Truly, we have been crucified with Christ. We are new creatures with a new nature, incapable of joining in the pursuit of sin. This is a subtle difference, but the victory in it is profound. In my personal life, I’ve said something like, “Devil, the person you are looking for would gladly follow you in any temptation. You know that’s his nature, but he is no longer here. He died. This is a new man.” Imagine trying to coax a dead person into committing some act of sin. You could shake them or try to persuade them, but there is no ability for them to participate anymore. They are freed. Hallelujah, thank God almighty!

That is the beginning of understanding our freedom and deliverance.

In His service,

Dave Yarnes


So sorry but this broadcast must be rescheduled to Sept 22

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