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Is Your Home Supernaturally Blessed? Dr. Lance Wallnau

Dr Lance Wallnau

Do you recall the story of when King David wanted the blessing of God on his administration so he transported the ark to his capital in Jerusalem?

On the way home something went wrong—the ark was being transported on a cart driven by oxen and when the oxen “stumbled” a man named Uzzah reached out his hand to “steady the ark” and the Lord struck him dead.

This was unauthorized contact.

You see, God prescribed that the ark was to be carried on poles on the shoulders of Levites, not oxen. Shoulders represent government and God has ordained who He wants to carry the weight of His glory and government.

When leaders stumble, the Lord deals with it and does not need man to keep His throne from falling over. David was perplexed and decided to drop off the ark at the home of a nearby Levite named Obededom. In the end, this lowly guy would be handling 2.5 billion in the temple treasury.

As it turned out for him, he just happened to be at the right place at the right time.

For THREE MONTHS the anointing was on his land.

People came to see the place where the Lord’s presence was being hosted. A clear blessing was on this property. Even David heard the news update about the unusual increase that was happening at Obed Edom’s house and how "the Lord blessed his household and everything he had" (1 Chron. 13:13). His family was blessed. Children and grandchildren multiplied, crops and fruit-bearing tree production increased supernaturally, and livestock multiplied prolifically.

When you welcome God's presence to dwell in your house, you can expect your house and your life to be blessed. And the blessing did not stop once the ark left because God’s presence leaves a permanent change in your life. Obededom got a leadership promotion, and later we see him with sixty-eight associates who work for him doing important temple business.

He becomes a leader in the house of God.

King David later entrusted Obededom with gold worth 2.5 billion dollars. This is often the last stage of spiritual promotion when God gives leadership, sacred assignments, and resources or great wealth for their accomplishment.

But Obed Edom’s final position of leadership began with his HOSTING GOD’S PRESENCE IN HIS OWN HOUSE! This is the part that I want you to grasp here. Welcoming the opportunity to support God’s word and will is what brings blessings upon your life.

God does not care about your “IQ” He cares about your “I-CARE.” God is looking for those who are willing to be moved by what moves Him.

We are constantly overwhelmed by the support and love of our partners who have been moved to take their place alongside us to carry the “Ark” of God’s presence to the nations. Allowing His word to bring salvation to a world in need! We cannot express how grateful our entire team is for you. Would you prayerfully consider partnering with us in order to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the 7 Mountain message to nations? Click here to join us in the mission.

Know this: the ark doesn't just represent the presence of God…it represents Jesus and the Throne of Grace. You have access to the Throne of Grace every day—IN YOUR HOUSE! Look at this verse—“You shall be saved. YOU and YOUR HOUSE!” (Acts 11:14)

Salvation is not just for your soul. It is for your family, property, and economics.

The PRESENCE of the Lord, manifest through the ark, BLESSED ALL that was connected to Obededom because salvation came to dwell in HIS HOUSE!

I believe in this season of shaking, God is speaking to His people about family, the house, and how to host His presence. Let’s not let an Old Testament saint do better than you and me. We have a superior covenant with “better promises!” It’s only faith that keeps us from having more than Obededom.

As One,



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