Is The 7 Mountain Mandate Dominance? Johnny Enlow

Is the 7 Mountain message "Dominionism"?

As the 7 Mountain Mandate begins to hit critical mass it is going through another level of doctrinal and practical scrutiny, which I wholeheartedly embrace. There are legitimate questions to be asked and answered as this 7 Mountain reformation train does need to stay on the right tracks so as not to derail. In a YouTube live post yesterday I addressed 6 controversies attached to this message. I will do Facebook posts to go through one at a time as some have asked for and this for controversy #1. Is the 7M message "dominionism"?

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The short answer is NO, but that alone is not a satisfactory answer. First of all, let me address what seems to be almost entirely lost to those who brand something "dominionism" is that the concept of "dominion" was not invented by a crazy Charismatic that had a dream, vision or revelation that surreptitiously planted this idea into his non-Bible-cherishing mind. From that distortion has progressed a presumptive notion that if anyone is using the word "dominion" that they are an extra-biblical heretic- end of discussion.

As is often the case with many of the notorious "defenders of Biblical orthodoxy" -they seem not to have read half of the Bible and then wage war not even using the handful of scriptures they are familiar with. They are "defenders of Biblical orthodoxy" but their specialty is not Biblical orthodoxy but branding. Get branded a "dominionist" and no more discussion is needed. Get branded "NAR" and no more discussion is needed. Get branded something else and there is no need to even go to the Scriptures and honestly search through the written word. They will impune a whole movement with a brand that often many or most in that movement don't even know what it means. Now having gotten that off my chest let me still say I am not a "dominionist" and the 7 mountain mandate is NOT "dominionism" -unless improperly represented.

The word and term come directly from THE BIBLE and specifically Gen. 1:26-28 where God "made man in His image" and says "have dominion...over every living thing that moves." That passage does make it a "dominion mandate" of some sort. However, if not quickly pointed out that the "dominion" is NOT OVER PEOPLE then the supposed mandate can go off track. Our "dominion" is to be general stewardship over the planet including the subjection of all that is demonic. Confirmed in Romans 16:20 "the God of peace will crush Satan under our feet". That is who gets dominated. Furthermore to the degree the word dominion is excessively used to that degree it becomes increasingly counterproductive and does become unacceptable "dominionism".

The 7 Mountain mandate is definitively NOT about Christians ruling over non-Christians. The kingdom of God can NEVER be advanced through imposition over humans. It can only be advanced through love, favor and influence as was the example of Jesus. He did not come flinging lightning bolts and demand adherence to His words/commandments/kingdom. It was always an invitation that respected the will of man. "The Son of Man came to serve" -and it is in that same spirit that we are to operate in the 7 mountains/spheres of society.

To even think too frequently through a "dominion" paradigm damages the spirit we are to show up in. It is not "take over" thinking it is "loving and serving" thinking. "Take over" thinking is only permitted as it relates to heaven invading earth and "taking over" a previously hellish reality. Even though the "heresy hunters" seem to need to get a life (when you don't have one you attack those who do have one) I can still be thankful that it offers the opportunity for us to get it clear in what spirit and mindset we show up in every sphere of society. We are only returning to Jesus very first message - "You are the salt of the earth", "You are the light of the world." (Mt. 5:13-16) Ultimately to argue with the 7 Mountain mandate/message is to argue with Jesus original and foundational instruction to us. "Take who I am EVERYWHERE and not just under the "bushel" of church. Wherever you don't take me- it will rot- and when it does it will then trample you and cast you out." That in its simplest form is "the 7 Mountain Mandate."

Johnny Enlow



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