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In The Pink For 2022 Dr Theresa Phillips

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

I was working on something when suddenly i felt the Presence of the Lord I felt the wave of Glory hit me and then I saw the color pink... Pink means friend of God and the Lord said to me It will be A pink year in 2022 I have shades of PINK for you!

You will see colors of pink. Clothing in pink and even cars will be pink I was shocked.

Suddenly I felt the Presence again and the Lord began to speak to me about The Glory and how His Presence will be strong in praise and worship! Look for pink in the Atmosphere.

Then He showed me that the Angelic realm will take on new positions and we will see Pink skies in various places.

Then I heard this old saying IN THE PINK!

Sooo I looked it up and in the pink means in very good spirits and good health...

And it also means In the pink is a phrase that often indicates a positive outlook or signifies a sense that there is a good reason to be optimistic.

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