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'Imagination The Gift Of God' Theresa Phillips

Imagination The Gift of God

Yes, I love the Christmas Season. Imaginations and creativity are at its height! Children dream. Parents wonder and, the world prepares for a Moment in time... The less fortunate are thought of.. Nations cease fighting ... Carolers Sing with angelic choirs. Vision is on the increase by the prophet. The teacher tries to calm everyone down... The pastors prepare for the message. Apostles ponder what to do in the new year. Evangelists Cry aloud the Promise of the King... For unto Us a Savior Is Born. I see the Tree Lit with abundant light reminds me of the Light of the world.. and on a tree, I was made white as snow. I see bell ringers that remind us we must give back... I see packages wrapped in finery as if we were the kings to visit the child in a stable. I hear children giggling with hopes of a mysterious visitor that has through the ages captured the imaginations of young and old. The REAL visitor is the one who becomes all this to all men so to win them.. Oh, I can hear the naysayers, belittling the dreams of others... But, I hear the sound of angelic wings swooping up the kindness to the Almighty Glorious throne room. Ministering to the Heirs of Salvation. There one is captivated by the eternal joy of knowing... That heaven touched earth and HE Reigns... And He shall reign forever and ever. Dare To Dream... The Kings Ambassador Dr. Theresa Phillips


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