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The first step in fixing a problem is to identify it. The second step is to understand it. Blaming others for a problem is not the way to fix a problem, but we may need to identify those responsible and how they caused it so that we can understand it. We must go deeper in understanding our national crises and those responsible for them in order know how to fix them. However, this is not just to assign blame. Our goal is to find solutions that will help us to not make the same mistakes again.

     There are now three major crises threatening the collapse of our Republic. The first we have touched on—it is what Jefferson called “judicial tyranny.” This came from the Judicial Branch usurping authority it was not given in the Constitution. This “mission creep” by the judiciary has now increased to the degree that it can effectively control or paralyze the rest of the government. No government can last long with a judiciary doing what ours has begun to do.

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     Recently, federal judges have assumed the authority to cancel Executive Orders by the President and even legislation by the Congress. This is a clear violation of the “Separation of Powers” in the Constitution and has recently crossed the line from judicial tyranny to judicial anarchy. A good example is the recent Presidential Executive Orders on immigration.

     Whether or not we agree with the President’s order is not the point. This is something far more serious: it concerns an authority clearly given to the President and the Congress in the Constitution. The judges that recently put stays on the President’s Executive Orders on immigration did not cite any law, or the Constitution, as a basis for their actions; they simply disagreed with the President’s policy. The President’s authority in this is clear in the Constitution and was codified into law by Congress. Yet, by their actions, these judges declared their opinions to be above the authority of the President, the Congress, and the Constitution. 

     Think about the consequences of allowing this assumption of authority over the other two branches of government and the Constitution if not confronted and put down. There are over five hundred federal judges. How could either the President or Congress function if any of these judges decided to cancel an action or law with which they disagreed? Conservative judges could block liberal actions, and liberal judges could block conservative actions, and nothing could be done by the Executive or Legislative Branches. This has gone far beyond judicial overreach and has become madness.

     As Don Brown pointed out, if this kind of judicial madness is upheld as acceptable, then there could be a major crisis in the world. The Commander in Chief—the President—could order the dispatch of an aircraft carrier to meet the crisis, and a single federal judge could block it. This judge could block it with something as silly as the carrier’s possible negative impact on the environment. It has gotten that crazy.   

     Under the Constitution, even the Supreme Court does not have the authority to block actions by the Congress or the President. The Supreme Court is not “the Supreme Law of the Land,” the Constitution is. For the courts to have taken the actions that they have, they are in violation of the Constitution and their oath to defend it and should be immediately impeached. That has not happened because of inept leadership in the Congress that alone has the authority to impeach.

     So the Judicial Branch has fallen to the judicial tyranny that Jefferson and other Founding Fathers considered the greatest threat to the Republic. The voices that have risen up to challenge this untenable overreach have been quickly crushed. One example is Tom DeLay, the former Republican Congressional Whip. When he began to speak out about this judicial tyranny, he was indicted under a law that did not even exist. Because of this, he was forced to resign from the House and it took ten years and over ten million dollars to clear his name.

     We may think that this is not happening in our country, but it is and worse things are now unfolding. Judicial tyranny is the most imminent threat to every freedom we have, but there is another crisis that is also about to bring the government down. It is the second major threat that the Founders warned would be a threat to the Republic, and we will cover this next week.

     As we look at the dire situation our country has been put in, always keep in mind that we have a kingdom that cannot be shaken. For this reason we must face every crisis with the resolve to: 1) stand up, 2) look up, and 3) rejoice that we have been given the honor to stand for our King in these times.

Rick Joyner



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