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'I Saw Huge Jumper Cables Upon Our Nation' Bill Yount

The Tow Trucks Are Coming!

I received this vision last weekend while ministering in a certain region, and now I believe it is for our nation.

During worship, I saw huge jumper cables coming upon our nation with Triple AAA service: Angels, Angels, Angels! The Lord was coming to give us a jump-start in the Spirit. Countless tow trucks were coming on the back roads and highways of our nation for emergency roadside assistance. Multitudes from all walks of life had broken down, sitting on the side of the road, helpless. From Rolls-Royces to Amish buggies, we had lost our horsepower, and calls for triple AAA emergency service were pouring in. I noticed God's towing service had unlimited mileage, with no charge, and He was hooking up to many family members, who had drifted far away.

The jump-start revealed that a new battery was needed. I watched as the Lord's hand was installing inside of us the most powerful battery in the universe, called, "God's Love," so He could love through us, even our enemies, for our love had grown cold. Matthew 24:12 (NIV) It was a huge "Eveready" battery, for He is ever ready to love through us at all times.

This was the power needed to turn a nation back to God, and it was being installed into the body of Christ, engraved with the words: "Love Well." 1 Corinthians 13:1-13 (NIV)

Dear Friends, While ministering near Lancaster, PA last weekend we were invited at the last minute to minister to about 60 Amish and Mennonite women at their Bible Study. What freedom of worship there was with powerful testimonies from these sisters. Also, we ministered at a barn gathering on Wednesday evening. The Lord has created a wonderful bond between us and these precious ones. They have contagious fire in their bones that makes us want more too. Thank you for your prayers and support that make these trips possible, to go where we never dreamt of going.

** If you would like us to come minister at your church or gathering let us know. We believe the invitation should come through your pastor or those in leadership.

Bill Yount



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