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I Am Releasing My New Wine Firebrands

I heard the Lord say “I am releasing My firebrands to clear away the old and BUILD the new!” God, I see the firebrands rising up. I see the firebrands rising up. I see the hot coals being released. I see the hot coals being released. "What am I seeing Lord? What is it that You would say? What is it that You would say to this generation? What is it that You would say to this generation?" “Come out and be separated! Come out and be separated!” says the Lord. “Come out and be separated!” says the Lord, “for I'm removing the Baals from the lips of this generation," says the Lord. "I am in this hour, putting fresh, hot coals on the tongues of My people that have been afraid to speak, that have been muzzled, that have felt the spirit of Python around their necks choking them into submission and silence." WHO WILL CHOOSE ME? "This is a generation that has been conflicted, a generation that has felt confused because the spirit of the age has been blinding them and choking them into submission. In this hour, in this hour, I'm confronting the fear of man. I'm confronting the fear of man and pouring out, and pouring out My Spirit upon them. "I'm looking to and fro around the earth for a generation who will choose Me over the crowd, who would choose Me over the crowd, who would choose the secret place over the public space. I'm looking for those who would lay down their earthly crowns and reputations to follow me. Will you lay down? Will you lay down your earthly crowns for me? Will you stop trying to appease man and culture? Will you stop trying to appease man and culture?" WHO WILL FOLLOW ME? Then I heard the Lord say, "Who are those who will follow Me? Who are those who will follow Me into the new wineskin? Who will leave the old mannah behind? Who will forfeit their reputation that was built on the old foundations which now is in ruins, and build the new thing with Me? Who will lay down their earthly crowns and pick up their new mantle? Who will press against the fear of man and lean into the fear of the Lord? Who will love not their lives unto death? "For this is an hour where My Firebrands will be raised up to clear away the cobwebs of the old wineskin, remove the shackles off My people, and lead them into the new. And they will be given the building plans to establish and build what is on My heart to build. They will confront the places of desolation and ruin, and in its midst will they will build foundations for my church to build upon." WHO WILL BE MARKED? "This is a generation marked for holiness. This is a generation marked for such an outpouring, an unusual revival, an unusual revival. This is a generation, this is a generation born to be the firebrands that would lead a cold church back into My heart, back into My heart." DELIVERANCE FOR MY CHURCH: "And this is an hour of deliverance for My Church. This is an hour of deliverance for My Church; it's an hour of invitation. I'm delivering them from every single mind-blinding spirit that has been tormenting them, every spirit of slander and assassination that has been relentlessly attacking them, and every single voice of conflict and confusion that is wared against their minds and their peace and robbed them of vision and future. "I am right now dealing with this spirit and I'm leading My people out of the old wineskin into something fresh and new, and they're gonna feel their spirits burning with delight again. They are gonna feel the fresh wind of My Spirit come out of their mouths and authority back on their lips. They will feel passion arise from the depths of their hearts again as they did in the beginning." I'M RESTORING INNOCENCE. I'M RESTORING JOY! "I'm restoring what has been stolen and robbed from My people because this spirit of the age came to steal the fire of My people. But in this hour, I'm baptizing My Church afresh. I'm leading them into the threshing floor where they will leave every old tattered rag behind and they'll pick up the zeal again. They'll pick up their zeal again, and they will burn with a zeal that they've not felt in years. They will burn with a zeal they've not felt in years." THE RETURN OF MY ZEAL TO THE CHURCH: "It's time for the zeal to return to My Church, where they've traded zeal for compromise and appeasing, appeasing the masses. They will drop their compromise and they'll pick up their zeal. They'll speak My truth and reveal My heart in an hour that the earth needs to know My heart, and they will not hold back. They will not hold back and you will not hold back. "The fear of man is right now breaking off your life and My zeal is branding you deeply. I am forging you right now into a weapon of truth, of My heart that will pierce through the noise. I know the opinions and mud-slinging of the mob has been relentless and you’ve had to stay at My feet to keep your purity and peace, but I don’t want you to hold back your tongue when I’ve anointed you to be my herald in this hour. "I am raising up My firebrands right now for places of influence where once their words fell on deaf ears, now I will cause the seats and places of impact to be handed over to them, where the occupiers have bowed to the spirit of the age. They will take the keys and reveal My heart and truth. They will burn with My zeal and ignite a generation being led into compromise back into My fiery gaze." “His disciples remembered that it is written: “Zeal for your house will consume me.” John 2:17 REMOVING THE OLD WINESKIN: "Yes, this is a changing of the guard hour where the old wineskin is being removed, and those who have refused to follow My spirit and pick up the new mantle will hand over their reigns to the fiery ones. Those who love mixture will eat the fruit of it. Those who love righteousness will see it exalt a nation." “Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin condemns any people” Proverbs 14:34 "And My heart is on the nations. I see the day of trouble rearing its head and the darkness trying to cast its shadow on their future, but My firebrands will point the lost back to Me and the hope I am leading them into. Nations will rage and kingdoms will rise up, but I will not let My people fall! My firebrands will restore hope and break the sleeping Church out of Her early death! They must arise for the hour, for the revealing of My Glory is here! "You will break off every muzzle. I am breaking off every muzzle that has been around your neck and you'll speak My heart with a conviction that will break off the blindfolds of a generation lost in the woods looking for acceptance, looking for identity, looking for belonging, looking for a father. They are looking for Me and you will lead them to Me." WHO WILL CARRY THE NEW WINE? "The new wine is being poured out, and will you pour it out with Me? "Will you administer My healing balm with Me? "Will you get back your fire and roaring voice for Me? "Will you surrender all apathy and open your mouth and let My hot coals hit your lips? "For in this hour, I am separating the celebrities from the surrendered. Those who are after their own kingdom and seeking to maintain their reputation will find their reward but will stay stuck in the old wineskin. But those who choose Me, and Me alone, will find their reward in Me. "This is an hour that I am turning over the tables of the manufactured and where My house has lost sight of the gospel, and in its place, I will build and establish My family. "Even right now I am pouring out My Spirit upon you and baptizing you in My fire and zeal, and courage will come upon you. Where yesterday you were wallowing in fears, muzzled and scattered, you will feel like a roar of a lion will come upon your spirit, and your odyssey into the heavy call upon your life will begin. "It won’t be popular. "It won’t tickle ears. "But you won’t ever feel conflicted or confused about where you are called to be again." HUBS OF GLORY // TABLES OF FAMILY: After I heard this I saw a map of the world lit up and I heard “tables of family will become hubs of glory”, and I knew that the Lord was revealing the new wineskin for what He is pouring out upon in the days to come. The turning of the tables is where man has turned the family into a club, but God is restoring the Church back to Her former glory. The new wineskin has come and God is raising up the builders for it. They will be the ones who will simply set the table and God's glory will pour out...

Nate Johnston

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Sep 12, 2023

Awesome word from the Lord. God Bless

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