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How to Find Hope and Purpose in a Ground Zero Moment Nate Johnston


Recently, the Lord gave me a dream and a word for the nation of Australia, but the more I have shared it since being here, the more I have realized that this word is also a personal word to the body of Christ right now because so many are in this exact process.

The night after we flew into Australia, I had a dream. In the dream, I saw two towers in the middle of the Outback of Australia, towering through the clouds, when suddenly, they came crashing down, one after the other. 

Then, I was taken into another scene. In the place where the towers were, there were people weeping at the site, and then I heard "ground zero." This felt the same as the ground zero site in New York City, and like the physical site, I saw masses gathering around the destruction and weeping and travailing over the fall of these towers.

But then I yelled out, "The days of weeping are over, and the time of mourning has ended!" This is for those who have found themselves in a ground-zero season. A season where it seems as though your life has been leveled to the ground. It is a season where things are falling to the ground around you, and everything you have built has come crashing down. 

Relationships have been ending.

Assignments have come to an end. 

Doors have closed. 

And now you are reeling and not sure how to make sense of what you are experiencing. 

For weeks now, I have felt the depths of pain and anguish and loss many are carrying. I have felt the depths of loss and grief surrounding people. Loss of loved ones. Financial ruin. Bad reports over health. Marriages in crisis. Prodigal children, and death to many destinies and callings.  You are Indeed at a ground zero moment but I feel like I have a booming message in my spirit - you have actually never been more riper than you are now. I have seen that these towers don't represent what you have built being destroyed but the obstacles that have been LOOMING over you! 

This ground zero is not a robbery but your deliverance and a brand new slate! 


I feel like God is warring against the hope deferred that has had much of the church in a place of soul sickness. We are in a new era, but because of the heartache of unfulfilled promises, we are still living in a holding pattern of unbelief and deep disappointment. It's been a poison, causing us to only see what isn't happening over what GOD IS doing. 

But it's been looming over you long enough. It's being leveled now in Jesus' name, and trees of life - GOOD TURNS are coming to you! Hope deferred has also brought exhaustion and slumber, and God is breaking that right now, too. 

How can you step into a new chapter while you are still depleted from the last?  So let him wake your heart up again and refresh you. 


As I have been praying over this, I have heard the Lord wanting me to say, "Don't fear the blank slate." I know that is all you are seeing, but it's not the downgrade you are feeling it is. It's not a demotion but a new day where God is doing something new in your life. 

But do you see it? Do you perceive it? (Isaiah 43:19) 

The blank slate is the Lord freeing your hand from the basket, from the pressure, from every bondage and overhead that has been hanging over your head and stealing your joy. The blank slate is your freedom. It's the invitation to step into a new season of dreaming with the Lord, new mantle, and new assignment. The blank slate is your permission to move out of the confines that have been around you and follow the new path of the spirit. 


Everywhere I go, I am saying the same thing that is flooding out of my heart from the father - you thought this was death, BUT this is where God reinvents you and brings you back to life!

This is where your seeds that fell to the ground become multiplied. 

This is where God sends the four winds to the dead places of your life and calls you to your feet! 

This is where He moves in your life, where you have been trying for so long to do it with your own strength. 

This is where your fixing days come to an end, and He does what you couldn't. 

This is where your man-made efforts stop, and the true movement God gave you begins. 

It's a booming message - you have had to die so I could move in your life the way you have been longing for me to! So today, I pray for eyes to see and a fresh hope to erupt out of you in Jesus' name!

Nate Johnston



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