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Honoring Our Heroes: A Prayer for Memorial Day Rev TSGT Robert Phillips USAF( ret)

Memorial Day Prayer The Rev Tsgt. Robert Phillips USAF- ret 2024

Almighty Father Today is a day of remembrance

We take the time to remember the Fallen. We Remember The Veteran and the Active Duty   fighting for The Destiny of our Great Nation.


In Times past we have seen our military home and abroad engaged in Battels for the safety and defense of The United States of America.

We have battled for nations to be free.

This day we commemorate the unending gratitude of our secured freedoms.


We ask that may You grant the Grace of Peace for each family in remembrance.

We Honor Those At The Memorial Day Parade for some who gave all and All who Gave


For loved ones in Harm’s way for the ones who are still abroad and domestic that are serving even today.


As a nation currently in stress by beliefs and challenges we ask humbly and respectfully, and thoughtfully may  we reset the remembrance button of our unwavering forefathers who diligently sought to establish a country of freedoms and rights


 O Lord may this be on the hearts of man today that we remain eternally grateful.


Help us rekindle the remembrance we as to live in kindness, devotion and honor of one another.


Remembering to thank one another for the service they have given to their nation and local communities.

Especially we thank those whose blood  was shed the veterans past and present  And we cherish the families of the lost We also remember to pay for those who remain  Active and the those who will be called onto the future.

We pray for safety and continued guidance from above.

While we ask for guidance and protection by your mighty outstretched hand upon us all. Not forgetting the command to pry for those in authority.


From the Commander and Chiefs Past and Present.

We ask for your wisdom.

For all serving personal.

We ask for your wisdom.

For by it We shall be Forever indebted to you for this The United States of America That lad of the Free and The Home of the Brave

In The Sovereign Name of the Sovereign Lord Jesus We ask


 Robert Phillips is also Chaplain of American Legion Post 342 St Charles IL he Stood for well over an hour on National Day of Prayer with the flag.

Talking with Security National Day Of Prayer


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