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Hearing God In Your Dreams Replay Chuck Pierce

loved our Kislev Firstfruits Celebration and the unlocking it initiated! In this month of rest, our sleep is being activated so we hear God in our dreams.  Don’t expect to hear and receive revelation the same way as in the past.  The Spirit of God is saying, “Watch and hear My voice!  This month I will come to you and speak to you in a different sound and form.  Receive what I deposit within you and watch how My new order arises!” As Robert Heidler shared, Kislev is a key time to heed our dreams.  The Lord is very creative in communication, and when we rest and get still, His dreams can provide revelation to direct our future.  If you could not join us yesterday, be sure to enter into our Firstfruits Celebration and watch Robert’s teaching on  “The Hebrew Month of Kislev: Receiving Revelation from God in Your Dreams!”   I declare your dream life will be awakened, your meditation will be aligned with what God is speaking, and your mind will stay in perfect peace as you advance all month long. 




Dr Barbie Breathitt ( Dream EXpert) John Mark Pool ( Father in The Prophetic) Dr Theresa Phillips ( Kings and Priests) Damon Stuart ( Glory Worship)

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