'Good Father' Gypsy Dallas-Smith

Because He is a good, good Father. I want you to remember nothing in your life is ever wasted. I also want you to know that God is no respecter of people. That means, no matter where you find yourself today, close to God or further away then ever before.

His love for you is not determined by how you perform or what you can do for Him. His love isn't based on who you are. Its based on who HE IS.

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So think of the most Godly person you know, selfless always does for others. Now think of the worst person you know, selfish, thief, drunk. Maybe you find yourself somewhere in the middle. Guess what???

He loves us ALL the same. That's right. No one person better than another. So if you are bound in addiction and sin. Have fallen far away from God and think God wouldn’t want you back. Please know that that is a lie from the enemy.

God is whispering to you today, “I love you, you are mine, I miss you, there is hope in me, I know what you need.”

God has bottled every tear. He has heard every prayer. He’s the only one that can truly help you. He’s never far away. He's as close as your heart. Will you draw near to Him today?

Gypsy Dallas Smith



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